New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 20

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 20

It was an​ old custom in​ India for princesses to​ choose husbands in​ this way. Each princess had certain ideas of​ the sort of​ man she wanted for a​ husband. Some would have the handsomest man, others would have only the most learned, others again the richest, and so on. All the princes of​ the neighbourhood put on their bravest attire and presented themselves before her. Sometimes they too had their own criers to​ enumerate their advantages and the reasons why they hoped the princess would choose them. The princess was taken round on a​ throne, in​ the most splendid array, and looked at​ and heard about them. if​ she was not pleased with what she saw and heard, she said to​ her bearers, "Move on," and no more notice was taken of​ the rejected suitors. If, however, the princess was pleased with any one of​ them, she threw a​ garland of​ flowers over him and he became her husband.

The princess of​ the country to​ which our king and the Sannyasin had come was having one of​ these interesting ceremonies. She was the most beautiful princess in​ the world, and the husband of​ the princess would be ruler of​ the kingdom after her father's death. The idea of​ this princess was to​ marry the handsomest man, but she could not find the right one to​ please her. Several times these meetings had taken place, but the princess could not select a​ husband. This meeting was the most splendid of​ all; more people than ever had come it​ it. The princess came in​ on a​ throne, and the bearers carried her from place to​ place. She did not seem to​ care for any one, and every one became disappointed that this meeting also was going to​ be a​ failure.

Just then came a​ young man, a​ Sannyasin, handsome as​ if​ the sun had come down to​ the earth, and stood in​ one corner of​ the assembly, watching what was going on. The throne with the princess came near him, and as​ soon as​ she saw the beautiful Sannyasin, she stopped and threw the garland over him. The young Sannyasin seized the garland and threw it​ off, exclaiming, "What nonsense is​ this? I am a​ Sannyasin. What is​ marriage to​ me?" The king of​ that country thought that perhaps this man was poor and so dared not marry the princess, and said to​ him, "With my daughter goes half my kingdom now, and the whole kingdom after my death!" and put the garland again on the Sannyasin. The young man threw it​ off once more, saying, "Nonsense! I do not want to​ marry," and walked quickly away from the assembly.

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New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 20

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