Nevada Real Estate A Very Good Gamble

Nevada Real Estate A Very Good Gamble

Nevada Real Estate – a​ Very Good Gamble!
When you think of​ Nevada, Las Vegas and​ gambling are the​ first things to​ come to​ mind .​
In truth, Nevada real estate is​ a​ far better bet than anything you’ll find in​ a​ casino .​
Nevada is​ dominated by Las Vegas and​ no bolder statement could exist for​ American ingenuity .​
Where else in​ the​ world can you find a​ huge tourist attraction in​ the​ middle of​ an​ absolutely sun scorched state? I​ would be willing to​ gamble a​ pretty penny there is​ no other such place .​
Centralized populations and​ heat characterize Nevada .​
There are two primary cities, Las Vegas and​ Reno, in​ which ninety percent of​ the​ population lives within 20 minutes .​
As to​ heat, Las Vegas is​ as​ hot as​ Phoenix in​ the​ summer, but with so much more to​ do .​
Still, if​ you have problems with heat, Nevada real estate may not be for​ you .​
Nevada Real Estate
Can you name the​ state with the​ greatest real estate appreciation for​ the​ last 12 months? You might be surprised to​ learn it​ is​ Nevada with over 28 percent appreciation .​
Think about that for​ a​ minute .​
If the​ pace continues, the​ average home in​ Nevada will double in​ value in​ less than four years! That is​ truly an​ outstanding rate of​ return .​
Although the​ rate of​ appreciation is​ amazing, Nevada real estate is​ still reasonably priced .​
The average single-family home in​ Las Vegas goes for​ $360,000 .​
In Reno, the​ price jumps to​ a​ still reasonable $440,000 .​
Purchase a​ home in​ Nevada and​ you could easily be looking at​ making $200,000 over the​ next two years .​
Viva Las Vegas real estate!

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