Nevada Casinos

Nevada Casinos

Nevada,​ in​ particular,​ Las Vegas,​ is​ the​ first place most people think of​ when you mention the​ word "casino." This state is​ known for gambling more than just about anything else. However,​ there is​ more to​ Nevada than gambling and the​ fine Nevada casinos.

The Hoover Dam,​ Pyramid Lake,​ Lake Tahoe and the​ vast desert spaces all add to​ Nevada's pull as​ a​ tourist destination. Its capital,​ Carson City,​ is​ a​ town full of​ historical significance and of​ course,​ the​ lure of​ Las Vegas as​ a​ top travel destination,​ all add to​ the​ appeal of​ Nevada.

Casinos are plentiful in​ Nevada,​ with the​ major concentration of​ them being in​ Las Vegas. Almost all of​ Nevada's casinos feature a​ large number of​ slot machines,​ table games,​ dining and entertainment options,​ with some more upscale than others. Nevada casinos are unmatched in​ terms of​ quality and most casinos around the​ world model their facilities after those found in​ Nevada.

Starting in​ Las Vegas,​ the​ higher end casinos include: the​ Aladdin Resort & Casino,​ the​ Bellagio,​ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino,​ the​ MGM Grand,​ Caesars Palace,​ the​ Excalibur Hotel & Casino,​ the​ Mirage,​ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino,​ to​ name a​ few. These Nevada casinos all feature thousands of​ slots machines,​ hundred of​ table games and all of​ them feature special shows and entertainment options. From Broadway shows to​ musical performances by top artists to​ boxing matches,​ these Nevada casinos are the​ best of​ the​ best and are unrivaled. the​ Nevada casinos are visually stunning and from fountains to​ light shows,​ no expense in​ spared in​ the​ aesthetic affect of​ each one of​ the​ Nevada casinos. Up and down the​ Las Vegas "strip",​ there are a​ number of​ smaller facilities,​ each devoted to​ helping you win and lose money. Each casino has facilities in​ place to​ pamper you,​ make you comfortable,​ and encourage you to​ stay longer,​ gamble more and spend more money.

Venturing outside of​ the​ bright lights of​ Las Vegas,​ there is​ a​ large of​ concentration of​ casinos in​ both Carson City and Reno.

Reno features the​ Atlantis Casino & Resort,​ Harrah's and the​ Sands Regency Casino Hotel. Carson City boasts the​ Silver Dollar Casino and the​ Carson Nugget. Each of​ these Nevada casinos are not as​ large scale as​ those located in​ Las Vegas,​ but feature a​ nice mix of​ table games,​ slot machines and various amenities.

Nevada casinos are the​ best of​ the​ best and a​ casino can be found in​ almost any city in​ the​ state. the​ amenities are numerous,​ the​ stakes often high and the​ experience unforgettable. Finally,​ now and in​ the​ future,​ Nevada casinos will remain a​ popular tourist attraction.

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