Networking With Previous Customers

Networking With Previous Customers

Networking with previous customers
Your previous customers are going to​ be valuable to​ your future business .​
As you get each new customer you want to​ network with that customer again in​ the​ future, to​ keep your business in​ their mind, and​ to​ keep them on as​ a​ walking and​ talking billboard for​ your business .​
the​ future of​ your business is​ going to​ evolve to​ include repeat customers, and​ referral customers, both of​ which are vital to​ the​ ongoing relationship of​ your business, the​ consumer, and​ the​ local surroundings of​ your business .​
How can you network with your previous customers?
Even if​ your customers are online – or​ if​ they are offline, you can network with your customers .​
a​ simple note, or​ email is​ going to​ do the​ trick .​
Ask about their day; talk with them by name, and​ offer advice or​ to​ continue with the​ conversation when they have time to​ chat with you .​
Talk with your customers about what they have purchased, or​ what work you have done for​ them .​
Ask if​ there is​ anything that can be done to​ improve the​ process, they went through while dealing with your business .​
Network with your largest clients by taking them to​ lunch, or​ ordering them something special and​ having it​ delivered to​ their home .​
As you continue to​ acknowledge your largest clients, they will keep you fresh in​ their minds .​
They will tell others about what you have sent to​ them, and​ how they feel about your business .​
Of course, this is​ not done with every type of​ business, but with the​ largest buyers who are spending thousands of​ dollars with a​ particular business perhaps .​
The online business is​ going to​ use newsletters, ezines, emails and​ coupons sent to​ previous customers as​ a​ method of​ networking and​ keeping in​ contact with previous customers .​
Keeping the​ lines of​ communication open with a​ customer, and​ with a​ previous customer is​ going to​ increase awareness of​ your products, and​ what you have for​ sale .​
This in​ turn is​ going to​ increase sales, one repeat customer at​ a​ time .​
Never forget about your previous customers .​
In the​ offline business, and​ in​ online business you can network with your previous customers by creating mailing lists and​ using these mailing lists .​
State something along the​ lines of​ – because we have done business in​ the​ past, we find that now is​ the​ time to​ offer you this great advantage in​ Networking we have, and​ would like to​ give you a​ special price .​
Yes this is​ still advertising, but networking at​ the​ same time because you have established a​ relationship with that customer already.

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