Networking On Myspace

Networking On Myspace

Networking on MySpace
MySpace is​ an​ online community where members can meet to​ share photos, journals and​ interests with an​ extensive network of​ friends .​
The MySpace mission statement describes the​ MySpace network as​ being for​ everyone including:
* Friends who want to​ talk Online
* Single people who want to​ meet other Singles
* Matchmakers who want to​ connect their friends with other friends
* Families who want to​ keep in​ touch--map your Family Tree
* Business people and​ co-workers interested in​ networking
* Classmates and​ study partners
* Anyone looking for​ long lost friends!
From this description it​ is​ clear that MySpace is​ an​ excellent place for​ online networking .​
This article will take a​ look at​ how to​ find the​ people you want to​ network with on MySpace and​ will examine whether or​ not the​ networking should remain online .​
Who Do You Want to​ Meet?
When using MySpace to​ network it​ is​ important to​ consider who you want to​ meet in​ your networking endeavor .​
There is​ a​ misconception that MySpace is​ just for​ kids but many are finding there are all types of​ people using MySpace .​
Before making a​ decision about whether or​ not you want to​ network on MySpace it​ is​ wise to​ spend some time searching around MySpace to​ find out whether or​ not there is​ a​ large amount of​ individuals who share your interests .​
Spending some time doing research before beginning your own MySpace website is​ helpful because otherwise you might invest time and​ energy into designing your website only to​ find there are not many members with which you want to​ network .​
Where Can You Find Those You Want to​ Meet?
Now that you have identified who you are looking to​ meet online through MySpace it​ is​ time to​ start finding these individuals .​
The search feature can be very helpful for​ this purpose .​
Compile a​ list of​ keywords which are likely to​ be used on the​ MySpace websites of​ members you would like to​ meet .​
Searching for​ these keywords can help you to​ locate those who share your interests.
Visiting the​ MySpace websites of​ your friends’ friends can also help you to​ meet more interesting individuals on MySpace .​
Those who you already consider to​ be friends likely share some of​ your interests .​
Likewise many of​ their existing friends may share these interests as​ well .​
Investigating websites of​ those who are friends of​ your friends can put you in​ contact with many more people who might be potential friends for​ you .​
Do You Want to​ Take Your Networking Offline?
After networking online the​ natural progression is​ to​ determine whether or​ not you want to​ expand on your network to​ include face to​ face meetings as​ a​ part of​ this networking .​
Care should be taken when making this decision to​ ensure you are not putting yourself, or​ others, at​ unnecessary risk by arranging these networking meetings .​
The most important aspect in​ arranging offline networking meetings with those who you meet online is​ choosing a​ safe location for​ these meetings .​
a​ well lit, busy, public location is​ ideal for​ these types of​ meetings .​
These types of​ locations not only minimize the​ chance that any participants in​ the​ meeting will attempt to​ harm others but also helps to​ make those who are planning to​ attend feel safer .​
You might think a​ house belonging to​ your friend is​ an​ excellent location because you are familiar with the​ location and​ will have friends with you but it​ is​ important to​ note those you are meeting may be just as​ suspicious of​ you as​ you are of​ them .​
They are more likely to​ be interested in​ attending your meeting if​ it​ takes place in​ a​ public location because they will feel more comfortable.
Another aspect to​ consider when deciding whether or​ not to​ take virtual networking opportunities offline is​ whether or​ not you think the​ friendships will be the​ same offline as​ they are online .​
Many Internet users feel freer to​ express their opinions online than they do in​ face to​ face meetings .​
Friends who have wonderful relationships through MySpace may find their relationship falters when they actually meet in​ person .​

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