Netherlands Casinos

Netherlands Casinos

Although there have been casinos in​ Europe for over two centuries,​ most of​ them were historically situated in​ resorts and spa towns in​ countries like France and Germany,​ as​ well as​ Monte Carlo. Netherlands casinos are,​ by this timescale,​ a​ more recent innovation; although discussion about setting up casinos began in​ earnest after the​ Second World War,​ the​ first casino was not set up until the​ mid-1970's. Nowadays,​ though,​ there are thirteen Netherlands casinos,​ with plans for a​ further six,​ and they are increasingly becoming attractive destinations for foreign visitors to​ the​ country.

The first Netherlands casino was built at​ Zandvoort,​ on​ the​ Dutch coast,​ in​ 1976,​ and was followed by similar venues at​ Valkenburg and then the​ coastal resort of​ Scheveningen. This casino was the​ largest such facility on​ the​ West coast of​ Europe in​ its time,​ although it​ has since moved to​ a​ new building nearby. Aside from these trailblazers,​ casinos were built throughout Holland during the​ 1980's at​ Breda,​ Nijmegen,​ and Groningen,​ and established in​ the​ Netherlands' two main cities,​ Amsterdam and Rotterdam,​ in​ 1991 and 1993,​ respectively.

This trend has continued in​ recent years,​ bringing casino facilities to​ all corners of​ this small and picturesque country. Although it​ is​ now commonplace,​ it​ was not until 1995,​ that Schiphol Airport became the​ first in​ the​ world to​ house a​ casino,​ and the​ completion of​ a​ new venue in​ Venlo brings to​ 13 the​ number of​ Netherlands casinos,​ with more expected to​ follow in​ the​ next few years. the​ largest of​ these is​ Holland Casino Utrecht,​ which has 83 tables and over 1,​000 slot machines and video games of​ various kinds.

All Netherlands casinos are owned and operated by Holland Casino,​ which holds sole rights to​ run legal casinos in​ the​ country. Although Holland Casino runs extremely professional gambling facilities,​ there is​ speculation that this monopoly will soon be relaxed,​ in​ order to​ open up the​ Dutch casino market to​ competition,​ with all the​ benefits to​ customers that it​ brings. Additionally,​ online casinos are now increasingly popular among Dutch citizens,​ and it​ is​ anticipated that this sector will continue to​ grow in​ coming years.

All told,​ Netherlands casinos welcome some 5 million visitors per year through their doors and are fast becoming an​ essential part of​ the​ tourist experience for all travelers to​ Holland,​ offering professional service and pleasant ambience in​ comfortable surroundings,​ whether you are in​ Holland for a​ long stay or​ just passing the​ time in​ Amsterdam's busy Schiphol Airport.

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