Nepal Casinos

Nepal Casinos

Nepal has always been a​ popular tourist destination when people from around the​ world visit Asia; it​ is​ not only the​ fact that Nepal is​ a​ land of​ many mysteries,​ contrasts,​ and tranquility,​ but also because it​ possesses some of​ the​ most beautiful casinos in​ South Asia. in​ fact,​ South Asians themselves travel to​ Nepal especially to​ indulge in​ the​ casino excitement and entertainment.

Asia has been enjoying gambling since ancient times; one can even observe this in​ famous paintings and sculptures of​ kings and queens indulging in​ the​ temptation gambling provides. Therefore,​ it​ is​ with little surprise that Nepal,​ even though is​ not a​ large country,​ has a​ vast number of​ casinos all over its territory.

Nepal casinos are known never to​ close on​ any day of​ the​ year and thus,​ you can never be turned down when you are looking for lady luck to​ smile your way. Nepal casinos allow only those above the​ age of​ 18 to​ gamble or​ drink alcoholic beverages; if​ you don't prove your age with valid photo identification,​ you may be asked to​ leave the​ casino's premises immediately.

Katmandu,​ the​ capital city of​ Nepal,​ hosts one of​ the​ largest and most famous casinos in​ the​ country,​ the​ Shangri La. With over 50,​000 square feet,​ the​ Shangri La offers everything you could ever wish to​ play,​ from the​ simple slot machines to​ all the​ famous international games such as​ poker,​ roulette,​ blackjack,​ and craps. the​ Shangri La also likes to​ pamper its guests and offers cocktails and snacks on​ the​ house,​ as​ do most of​ the​ other Nepal casinos,​ as​ well. Be sure you always fully understand the​ laws and house rules,​ however,​ in​ order to​ avoid misunderstandings.

In Nepal,​ the​ national language is​ Hindi; however,​ English is​ widely spoken,​ especially in​ places frequented by tourists such as​ the​ casinos. Any time is​ a​ good time to​ go to​ Nepal so,​ why not this vacation? After you explore a​ new place with lots of​ culture and sights beyond imagination,​ you'll be able to​ play some of​ your favorite games in​ Nepal's casinos any time of​ the​ day or​ night.

To book a​ vacation package,​ contact your local agent or​ visit online and you will be able to​ compare and choose the​ right vacation package for you. Special packages that cover most famous casinos are available,​ and they usually include all the​ must-see tourist attractions,​ as​ well.

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