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Aluminum decking creates a​ deck that appears as​ if​ you installed it​ all in​ one piece. Aluminum makes the perfect decking material because it​ is​ lightweight and easy to​ work with when installing. it​ is​ much stronger than wood and can hold heavier loads. Even in​ the coldest temperatures it​ does not get brittle and crack, so you will have a​ deck that will last you a​ lifetime. Aluminum decking simply does not rust or​ rot, allowing you the piece of​ mind that it​ will not cost a​ fortune to​ keep it​ looking new.

When you use aluminum decking for a​ 2nd or​ 3rd story on your home, you have a​ deck that doesn’t have any gaps. The area underneath is​ perfect for storage or​ for a​ car park. Extruding is​ the process of​ pressure forcing heated aluminum through a​ die so that it​ takes on the cross-sectional shape of​ the die. Extruded aluminum decking help to​ create a​ seamless product made to​ exact specifications. This decking material is​ mildew resistant so you don’t need to​ use special cleaners to​ make sure there is​ not build up of​ mold and mildew.

When you have extruded aluminum decking installed on your patio or​ balcony, you don’t have to​ worry that it​ might catch fire if​ you want to​ install a​ fire pit or​ patio heater. The aluminum is​ fire resistant and therefore it​ will not ignite or​ burn even if​ the house burns down around it. You don’t have to​ worry about any allergic reactions because the aluminum material for decking is​ hypoallergenic. Having extruded aluminum decking means you never have to​ worry about rot or​ insect infestations because aluminum is​ impervious to​ both of​ these.

Aluminum decking stays cool in​ the summer. You won’t burn yourself when you touch it​ during the hottest part of​ the day like you can with other kinds of​ decking material. The properties of​ aluminum allow for the maximum dissipation of​ heat, which means the deck won’t dry out in​ the heat. if​ you live in​ an​ area where there is​ lots of​ snow in​ the winter, extruded aluminum decking is​ well able to​ withstand about 50 pounds of​ snow per square inch. if​ you don’t want to​ bother with shovelling snow off the deck in​ the winter, aluminum allows you to​ install heating strips so that any snow that lands will melt right away.

There are many benefits to​ having aluminum decking in​ addition to​ the attractive properties of​ the material. it​ adds significantly to​ the appearance of​ your home and increases the value of​ your property. Once you do the initial work of​ installing the decking, you will never have to​ touch it​ again when it​ comes to​ doing maintenance work. Aluminum decking outlasts wood, it​ is​ completely watertight and does not age like other decking materials.

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