Navigating Insurance For Students And Searching Out The Right Financial Solution For Uk Parents

Navigating Insurance For Students And Searching Out The Right Financial
Solution For Uk Parents

Navigating Insurance For Students And Searching Out the​ Right Financial Solution For UK Parents
Students are often portrayed as​ being lazy,​ indolent,​ or,​ perhaps most damningly of​ all: scruffy .​
But today’s students are often more active and involved than their parents,​ and they demand the​ rewards that come with this behaviour .​
Valuable pieces of​ equipment are de rigueur in​ many of​ the​ UK’s student halls; parents having lavished attention upon their offspring in​ the​ form of​ gifts,​ money and,​ increasingly,​ credit cards – cards immediately used to​ go out and purchase more shiny offerings.
In fact,​ the​ operation involved in​ conveying a​ freshly minted student to​ the​ halls of​ their choosing can take on​ a​ military bearing as​ their hi-fi,​ decks,​ television,​ and computers are loaded into and on​ top of​ the​ car chosen to​ risk the​ soon-to-be-familiar route to​ the​ student halls .​
This,​ of​ course,​ is​ not to​ mention the​ miniaturised electronics that go hand in​ hand with their larger brothers: the​ mp3 player and omnipresent mobile phone (fortunately these are,​ now,​ becoming one and the​ same) – all are essential student equipment.
It doesn’t stop at​ electrical goods either,​ as​ expensive clothing hits higher on​ the​ priority list of​ our average student – today’s student is,​ after all,​ on​ display for their sartorial elegance as​ much as​ for their intellectual prowess.
All of​ which begs the​ question: What if​ it​ all just…disappears?
Theft,​ as​ it​ always has,​ runs rife throughout the​ UK – a​ recent survey by the​ Home Office ( ) shows that there has been a​ 4% rise in​ robbery in​ April to​ June 2018 compared to​ the​ same period a​ year earlier,​ while UK crime figures have increased generally for the​ first time in​ six years .​
Apart from the​ figures,​ student insurance has become more of​ a​ priority as​ UK consumer society tightens its grip on​ another generation of​ students.
The task of​ insurance,​ however,​ usually falls to​ the​ parent .​
This has not gone unnoticed by the​ UK banking industry and,​ aside from the​ traditional insurance providers,​ the​ high street banks plus their myriad financial solution offshoots (see Barclays - for an​ example of​ the​ sheer range of​ products available),​ there are a​ growing number of​ new competitors to​ the​ insurance market .​
The icing on​ the​ cake is​ that even from within individual insurance services there are usually a​ number of​ differing insurance packages to​ choose from .​
Making the​ right choice from so many insurance packages can ease the​ financial burden of​ insuring your child through their student years.
It’s often a​ good idea to​ use an​ insurance provider databases service like Moneynet ( ) to​ check on​ the​ current rates and insurance packages available,​ if​ only because services such as​ these are constantly updated with the​ latest insurance or,​ indeed,​ banking,​ information .​
However,​ the​ next stage comes down to​ personal choice: do you​ want to​ extend your home insurance to​ cover student possessions away from home? Or perhaps you​ want a​ separate service from a​ provider catering specifically to​ the​ student insurance sector? Or,​ and this might be just a​ touch too far,​ do you​ want a​ service that your new student can monitor themselves,​ thus learning the​ importance of​ financial considerations to​ modern lifestyles?
Well,​ it’s risky,​ but the​ choice is​ yours.
All information contained in​ this article is​ for general information purpose only and should not be construed as​ advice under the​ financial Services act 1986 .​
You are strongly advised to​ take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

Navigating Insurance For Students And Searching Out The Right Financial
Solution For Uk Parents

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