Navigate The Tangled Web Of College Planning

Navigate The Tangled Web Of College Planning

There's a​ lot for​ the​ average college-bound student to​ think about before setting foot on campus. What major should I choose? Should I stay in-state or​ attend the​ faraway school of​ my dreams? What are my options in​ terms of​ financial aid?

Many college-bound students turn to​ their guidance counselors for​ help. for​ additional help, you can find the​ answers you need right on the​ Web., an​ online resource provided by American Education Services, guides families through all of​ the​ tough decisions - from choosing a​ career path to​ completing the​ application to​ repaying student loans.

The site breaks down the​ entire process into five manageable sections: preparing, selecting, applying, deciding and​ paying. Here is​ an​ overview.

* Preparing: This section has information and​ advice on getting ready for​ the​ college search process and​ entrance exams, including assessing career options and​ developing study skills.

* Selecting: Includes advice on what to​ look for​ in​ a​ school, how to​ plan campus visits and​ choosing a​ major. This section also includes a​ comprehensive database of​ accredited colleges and​ universities throughout the​ United States and​ Canada.

* Applying: Contains application dos and​ don'ts, tips on essay writing, applying online and​ how to​ ace the​ college interview.

* Deciding: Includes tips on how to​ sort through the​ acceptance letters and​ determine which college is​ best for​ you.

* Paying: Contains an​ abundance of​ information on financial aid, work-study programs, education loans and​ more. This section also has a​ database listing scholarships - worth about $8 billion in​ total - for​ students who need assistance.

Armed with this valuable resource, future college students can rest assured that they've chosen the​ right school, submitted the​ best application possible and​ developed a​ sound strategy to​ pay for​ it​ all. - NU

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