Natural Termite Treatment

Natural Termite Treatment
Many people are very cognizant about the​ chemicals that we use to​ control pests which is​ why there is​ a​ new trend toward natural termite treatment to​ rid our structures of​ these pesky and​ damaging insects. While the​ use of​ chemicals is​ the​ most effective way to​ get rid of​ termites, you can still take measure with natural termite treatment to​ minimize the​ damage and​ keep termites out of​ your home or​ building.
Natural termite treatment is​ the​ use of​ termite prevention and​ control without chemical use. Instead, physical controls are installed during construction such as​ sand barriers or​ metal termite shields. if​ termite infestation does occur, least toxic methods of​ treatment are used. What that means is​ that natural termite treatment is​ geared toward keeping those pests out instead of​ killing those who have already gotten in.
What you really need to​ do is​ use natural termite treatment to​ prevent termites from coming into your structure in​ the​ first place. That means you won’t use chemicals to​ keep those pesky termites away, but you will use certain strategies to​ make sure that they have no food sources that will attract them to​ your place.
One of​ the​ first things you can do in​ natural termite treatment is​ to​ remove any source of​ chronic moisture since termites are attracted to​ damp wood for​ their food source. Moist soil is​ necessary for​ termites to​ survive. Termites travel back and​ forth between soil and​ food sources because they must obtain moisture from the​ soil. in​ addition, capillary action and​ water vapor buildup can result in​ excessive dampness which can actually wick through a​ concrete slab or​ masonry foundation to​ the​ wood framing above it, thus attracting termites.
In aboveground foundations, moisture barrier films such as​ 6 mil polyethylene can be used to​ cover the​ area under the​ structure. This will help decrease moisture buildup in​ subflooring. Foundation wall vents should be placed to​ provide cross ventilation for​ homes with crawl spaces. if​ regrading or​ remodeling covers vents, additional vents may be needed. Some experts recommend the​ use of​ moisture barriers under slab foundations as​ well in​ natural termite treatment programs.
Areas subject to​ moisture buildup, such as​ bathrooms, should be given special attention since they are likely to​ be attack areas. Areas under tubs and​ drains leading to​ the​ exterior such as​ air conditioner drains should be considered vulnerable spots. This is​ a​ very important part of​ natural termite treatment since elimination of​ moisture will take away the​ termite’s food source and​ they won’t come for​ a​ visit!
Natural termite treatment is​ a​ great way to​ keep our environment healthy and​ ecologically sound. We should do what we can to​ make sure that our Earth survives despite our use of​ chemicals and​ natural termite treatment is​ a​ great place to​ start!

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