Natural Skin Care Strategies

Natural Skin Care Strategies

Natural Skin Care Strategies
When people think about skin care,​ consumer products are generally the​ first things that come to​ mind . ​
While there some excellent skin care products on​ the​ market today,​ the​ solution to​ your skin care problems cannot always be solved with the​ latest and​ greatest products . ​
While these products do have their place,​ there are a​ number of​ things you​ can do on​ your own to​ ensure that your skin is​ healthy and​ beautiful . ​

Proper hydration is​ often overlooked as​ a​ treatment for​ problematic skin . ​
the​ importance of​ water consumption cannot be understated . ​
it​ is​ recommended that everyone drink upwards of​ eight 8oz glasses of​ water per day . ​
Water plays a​ significant role in​ helping to​ rid your body of​ excess toxins . ​
These toxins can have an​ effect on​ other areas of​ your health,​ as​ well as​ the​ state of​ your skin . ​

Exfoliation is​ another element of​ skin care that is​ often overlooked . ​
Proper exfoliation can have a​ profound effect on​ your skin . ​
Dry brush exfoliation is​ by far the​ best for​ your skin,​ as​ it​ removes dead skin cells,​ improves lymph node function,​ and​ increases blood circulation . ​
Dry brush exfoliation also stimulates detoxification . ​
as​ your skin is​ your largest organ,​ the​ state of​ your skin can provide a​ lot of​ information about the​ state of​ your health . ​

Your diet also plays a​ significant role in​ the​ health of​ your skin . ​
Common sugar,​ for​ instance,​ has recently been linked with accelerated aging . ​
the​ process is​ called glycation,​ and​ occurs when a​ sugar molecule binds to​ a​ protein molecule . ​
These new molecules are referred to​ as​ AGEs advanced glycation end products,​ and​ have been found to​ damage collagen in​ skin,​ ligaments,​ and​ cartilage . ​

Essential fats are another consideration . ​
These are fats that your body cannot live without because they assist in​ the​ creation of​ cell membranes,​ hormones,​ and​ other such chemicals needed for​ optimal health . ​
to​ ensure you​ are getting good fats in​ your diet,​ try using flax seed oil,​ walnut oil,​ or​ other such supplements . ​
Eating fish can also provide you​ with an​ excellent source of​ good fat,​ especially salmon and​ sardines . ​
Be sure to​ consult your physician before making any significant lifestyle changes . ​

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