Natural Skin Care Just Open Your Kitchen Cabinet

Natural Skin Care Just Open Your Kitchen Cabinet

Natural Skin Care Just Open Your Kitchen Cabinet
Safer,​ less expensive,​ and​ easytouse natural skin care can be as​ easy as​ opening your kitchen cabinet,​ coupled with a​ few minutes of​ preparation . ​

Healthy,​ radiant,​ glowing skin is​ something every person wants . ​
Yet,​ few of​ us even think to​ use whats really the​ best for​ out skin natural skin care products . ​

Each year,​ millions of​ dollars are spent chasing after perfectly healthy,​ ageless skin . ​
the​ environment,​ stress,​ and​ less than healthy eating habits,​ all play a​ major role in​ the​ quality of​ your skin . ​

The answers to​ achieving radiant,​ glowing complexion are within arms reach . ​
Many of​ the​ items in​ your kitchen right now can provide natural skin care thats even better thank those expensive,​ chemical filled products that cost an​ arm and​ a​ leg . ​

Skin Care Throughout Life
From the​ day we​ are born,​ our skin requires much care to​ remain smooth and​ healthy . ​
it​ begins with soap to​ keep us clean . ​
Then,​ there are creams,​ powders,​ and​ ointments to​ keep diaper rash from our bottoms . ​
During the​ first few years of​ our lives,​ our skin will do well with soap for​ cleaning and​ the​ occasional lotion or​ cream for​ moisture . ​
Then come the​ teen years . ​
Our raging hormones bring out the​ oily skin,​ the​ pimples,​ and​ a​ host of​ other conditions . ​

Its important to​ understand that everything that comes in​ contact with our body affects our health and​ the​ condition of​ our skin . ​
Thats why choosing natural skin care products and​ ingredients is​ important . ​
the​ liver filters the​ toxins and​ poisons from the​ food we​ eat,​ but whatever we​ place on​ our skin is​ directly absorbed . ​
This includes deodorant,​ lotions,​ gels,​ cleansers,​ toners,​ makeup,​ perfumes,​ and​ more . ​

As we​ age,​ our skin becomes more sensitive,​ and​ we​ need to​ be even more careful with the​ beauty treatments we​ use . ​

Simple Solutions for​ Better Skin
Here are a​ just a​ few natural skin care solutions for​ you​ to​ try . ​
Youll be very pleased with the​ results
once a​ week,​ rub your skin with baking soda while in​ the​ shower,​ for​ a​ smooth,​ silky feeling . ​
you​ can also do this on​ your face to​ remove black heads . ​

fresh tomatoes are great for​ the​ oily areas of​ your face . ​
Please make sure to​ try the​ tomato juice on​ your arm first,​ as​ your skin may be sensitive to​ it . ​
Rinse thoroughly immediately after using the​ tomato juice . ​

for a​ great moisturizer try olive oil this healthy fat is​ good for​ you,​ and​ is​ great for​ your skin . ​
you​ can also use it​ to​ soothe sunburned skin . ​

vinegar can work wonders for​ smelly feet and​ armpits . ​
Mix water and​ vinegar 50/50,​ and​ use in​ place of​ deodorant it​ will keep the​ unpleasant sweat smell away,​ without any irritation . ​
as​ for​ your feet,​ if​ you​ suffer with athletes foot,​ a​ week of​ vinegar foot bath will help a​ lot,​ sometimes completely getting rid of​ your condition . ​

egg yolk mixed with honey makes for​ a​ really great mask put on​ your skin,​ leave it​ on​ for​ 20 minutes,​ and​ rinse off . ​
Excellent for​ sensitive skin . ​
Honey gives a​ tingling/ticklish sensation,​ so if​ you​ are sensitive to​ that,​ use the​ egg yolk alone . ​

another use for​ egg yolk for​ those with eczema,​ use it​ instead of​ soap . ​
it​ doesnt smell great,​ but it​ will heal your damaged skin . ​

a great treatment for​ dry skin is​ avocados mash it,​ smooth it​ onto your face,​ and​ rinse off after 20 minutes . ​

Lastly,​ make sure you​ drink 8 glasses of​ water every day to​ keep your skin cared from the​ inside out . ​

Natural Skin Care Just Open Your Kitchen Cabinet

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