Natural Remedies And Treatments For Allergies

Natural Remedies And Treatments For Allergies

When allergies strike, most allergy sufferers head to​ the​ drugstore where they purchase an​ antihistamine. They take it, and​ soon their symptoms begin to​ subside. They’re all set until the​ next outburst.

Over-the-counter antihistamines are effective but unfortunately, taking them often causes unpleasant side effects such as​ drowsiness and​ a​ feeling of​ lethargy. if​ you’re tired of​ feeling tired when allergies strike, maybe it’s time you reach for​ natural allergy remedies instead.

Natural allergy remedies come in​ all forms and​ are made from many different types of​ ingredients including herbs, plants, ground up honey bees, and​ other vitamins and​ nutrients. Most natural allergy remedies have been designed to​ either stop histamine outbursts from occurring in​ the​ first place, or​ they act to​ combat the​ individual symptoms that occur with the​ release of​ histamines. They accomplish these tasks naturally, which is​ why unpleasant side effects are non-existent.

Besides treating allergy symptoms with all-natural ingredients, the​ term “natural allergy remedies” has come to​ mean something more. in​ addition to​ being a​ natural and​ effective way to​ treat allergy symptoms after they develop, the​ term can be used to​ describe taking control of​ your surroundings so that you limit exposure to​ the​ allergens that cause you trouble. for​ example, if​ pet dander is​ a​ problem, don’t keep pets. or​ if​ you must, you’ve got to​ be vigilant about keeping pet dander under control. Likewise with dust mites. You need to​ protect your furnishings with casings that keep this type of​ problem under wraps.

Watching what you eat is​ important if​ you’ve got food allergies, so taking steps to​ control your diet can also be considered a​ natural allergy remedy. in​ addition to​ closely monitoring what you eat, there also are foods you can consume that are known to​ contain naturally-occurring histamine combatants. for​ example, Quercitin, a​ flavinoid found in​ onions and​ apples, is​ capable of​ blocking the​ release of​ histamines which cause the​ familiar allergy symptoms like runny nose, congestion, and​ itchy, watery eyes. Besides being effective against allergies, there are countless other health benefits of​ eating these and​ other types of​ fruits and​ vegetables, like lowering your risk of​ developing heart disease and​ keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

If you’re like a​ lot of​ people and​ find that monitoring what you eat is​ too much work, then consider taking a​ daily multi-vitamin. Many of​ the​ vitamins and​ minerals benefit the​ immune system which in​ turn helps keeps the​ symptoms of​ allergies under control.

With so many natural allergy remedies being offered, understanding the​ ingredients as​ well as​ the​ actual benefits of​ each can be mind-boggling. Even though these types of​ products are available without a​ prescription, if​ you’re confused, it​ might be advisable to​ speak with an​ allergist or​ someone who specializes in​ natural remedies. These specialists can help explain how each of​ the​ individual ingredients work and​ why they’re thought to​ be effective. This type of​ information may help you decide whether natural allergy remedies are right for​ you.

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