Natural Herbal Sexual Stimulants

Natural Herbal Sexual Stimulants

Natural,​ Herbal Sexual Stimulants
Sexual stimulants claim to​ arouse or​ increase sexual desire,​ or​ libido. a​ broader definition includes products that improve sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs,​ named after Aphrodite,​ the​ Greek goddess of​ sexual love and beauty,​ the​ list of​ supposed sexual stimulants includes anchovies and adrenaline,​ licorice and lard,​ scallops and Spanish fly,​ and hundreds of​ other items. Here is​ a​ very partial list of​ some herbal ingredients commonly found in​ sexual enhancers/stimulants
Avena Sative Wild Oats
Avena sativa,​ or​ oats,​ have long been used by breeders to​ help male animals sow their oats or​ boost their fertility. Avena Sativa is​ one of​ the​ best remedies to​ feed the​ nervous system when under stress and strengthen it​ to​ handle the​ situation. it​ works to​ calm down performance anxiety.
Brazilian Catuba Bark
Brazils most famous and highly regarded libido booster. it​ is​ considered a​ central nervous system stimulant and used for sexual weakness and lowered libido in​ both men and women.
Horny Goat Weed Epimedium
This Chinese herb is​ also known as​ Goat Sex Herb. it​ has been used for centuries to​ help improve sexual functions. it​ has androgenlike effects. Androgens are involved in​ sexual desire in​ both men and women. Horny Goat Weed may help improve circulation and kidney function.
Longifolia Jack Tongkat Ali
A popular Malaysian tree,​ it​ is​ proper for its aphrodisiac properties for both men and women. the​ researched focus is​ towards improved desire and sexual initiation.
Grown high in​ the​ mountains of​ Peru,​ Maca root tends to​ significantly boost libido and sex drive in​ men and women by enhancing the​ endocrine function. the​ endocrine system includes all of​ the​ glands,​ and the​ hormones they secrete,​ that exist in​ the​ body and that control such conditions as​ fertility,​ sexual function,​ digestion,​ brain and nervous system physiology,​ and energy levels.
Mucana Pruriens Extract
A rare and powerful Ayurvedic herb that has unusally high levels of​ naturally occuring LDopa. LDopa is​ an amino acid that has been the​ subject of​ over 25 years of​ extensive scientific and medical research. it​ may help with improving sexual dysfunction,​ loss of​ libido,​ stimulating arousal,​ and increasing intensity and frequency of​ orgasms for both men and women.
Muira Puama
Found in​ the​ Amazon,​ this extraction is​ very potent and has an impressive research history of​ helping restore libido and has been used to​ help prevent erectile dysfunction.
Tribulus Terrestris
Also known as​ Puncture Vine and Gokshura,​ may help to​ increase seminal fluid,​ not by volume but sperm count,​ and at​ the​ same time may increase sexual desire,​ arousal and performance in​ men and women. Tribulus may help to​ increase the​ duration of​ erection and assist in​ acheiving orgasm in​ those previously unable.
A tree that grows throughout the​ African nations of​ Cameroon,​ Gabon and Zaire. a​ similar plant in​ South America is​ called Quebracho. the​ bark has been smoked as​ a​ hallucinogen and has been used in​ traditional medicine to​ treat angina and hypertension. the​ herb is​ a​ sensual stimulant for healthy men and women.

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