Natural Care And Treatment For Endometriosis

Natural Care And Treatment For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is​ one of​ the​ main reasons for​ female infertility. it​ affects nearly 5 to​ 10 per cent women and​ can occur anytime from the​ beginning of​ the​ menstrual period till the​ menopause period. in​ rare cases it​ may appear even after the​ menopause. You can be affected even after hysterectomy surgery or​ menopause due to​ the​ estrogen replacement therapy or​ continuous hormones production after the​ menopause. in​ this condition, endometrial tissue that lines the​ inside of​ the​ uterus, grows outside the​ uterus to​ latch itself on other organs such as​ ovaries, fallopian tubes or​ the​ ligaments which supports the​ uterus. This tissue responds to​ the​ monthly cycle hormones which causes a​ bleeding without any passage to​ exit. This causes inflammation and​ scarring of​ the​ tissue, one of​ the​ causes for​ infertility in​ women.

Home Remedies for​ Endometriosis

• Have ginger tea it​ alleviates the​ endometriosis symptoms of​ nausea.

• a​ regular workout regime goes a​ long way. it​ is​ one of​ the​ recommended things to​ do, during your crisis with endometriosis. Exercising helps you deal with the​ pain as​ it​ makes it​ lot lesser.

• Increase you immunity by consuming fresh fruits and​ vegetables which are known to​ be rich in​ vitamins. Vitamin C increases the​ immunity level so have vegetables and​ fruits like broccoli, red bell peppers, oranges, strawberries and​ cantaloupe.

• Eat fish that too mackerel, herring and​ sardine which are rich in​ omega-3 fatty acids. the​ omega-3 suppresses prostaglandin production which is​ the​ main reason for​ cramping.

• Even though it​ is​ not scientifically proven but caffeine as​ well as​ smoking can aggravate endometriosis problem.

• You can use heat or​ cold therapy to​ beat endometriosis. By having hot beverages or​ by keeping a​ heating pad on the​ abdomen it​ can bring relief from the​ abdominal pain and​ cramping. or​ you can tie an​ ice pack in​ towel which is​ placed on your lower abdomen.

• Lose excess weight as​ it​ decreases estrogen level and​ would also help in​ improving the​ symptoms of​ endometriosis.

• Sitz bath is​ recommended for​ this problem. Sitz bath is​ a​ warm bath taken in​ a​ sitting position that covers only your hips and​ buttocks, looks as​ if​ you are sitting on a​ chair. Sit for​ three minutes in​ a​ tub filled with hot water and​ then sit in​ another tub with cold water for​ one minute. This cycle is​ repeated three times and​ should be avoided during menstruation.

• Acupressure helps in​ relieving pain caused due to​ endometriosis. When the​ pain starts press the​ area on the​ inside of​ your leg about two inches above your ankle bone. Press with your thumb to​ locate the​ spot that feels tender. Another area is​ to​ press is​ the​ web of​ your hand. Press at​ the​ base where the​ bones of​ your thumb and​ index finger meet. if​ there is​ no pain while pressing, it​ is​ the​ wrong spot. if​ it​ hurts just keep pressing till you feel relief in​ the​ pelvic area.

Warning: the​ reader of​ this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the​ home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of​ these products if​ you are allergic to​ it. the​ responsibility lies with the​ reader and​ not with the​ site or​ the​ writer.

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