National League Is Heavy Dog For All Star Classic

My,​ oh my,​ how time flies as​ it​ seems like yesterday that the​ National Leagues were the​ big bully on​ the​ block and the​ American League was snickered at​ by baseball insiders. Not these days however,​ as​ the​ AL heads into the​ Mid-Summer Classic winner of​ nine straight contests and also having not lost a​ World Series game in​ eight straight contests.

If we start at​ the​ catcher’s position you​ will notice a​ huge disparity in​ production between the​ NL’s Paul Lo Duca and the​ Braves’ Brian McCann. They have combined for 9 homeruns and 59 RBI’s while the​ AL duo of​ Pudge Rodriguez and AL batting leader Joe Mauer have 14 and 84.

At first base the​ NL should have a​ large advantage as​ they trot out Albert Pujols (29-76) against a​ designated hitter who will be forced to​ play defense in​ Big Papi David Ortiz (31-87). Ortiz is​ also coming off a​ 19 inning marathon on​ Sunday and the​ home run derby.

Second base is​ not exactly filled with marquis names as​ the​ AL will have light hitting Mark Loretta .305 (3-37) going up against Phillies’ Chase Utley who has been awesome this year with (16-53).

I think shortstop is​ a​ tossup in​ the​ AL with Derek Jeter .345 (5-52) while the​ NL has Edgar Renteria who will replace Mets standout Jose Reyes.

Actually,​ the​ left side of​ the​ infield is​ an​ all Big Apple affair as​ A. Rod .282 (19-65) opposes hot hitting David Wright .316 (20-74).

Needless to​ say,​ it​ is​ the​ fountain of​ youth in​ the​ NL hooking horns with the​ big game performers of​ the​ AL such as​ Jason Bay,​ Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Beltran. the​ AL counters with Magglio Ordonez,​ Vladamir Guerrero and Ichiro Suzuki,​ 48 homeruns and 158 RBI’s.

The real winners in​ this extravaganza are the​ residents of​ Pittsburgh who are certainly happy that the​ NFL season is​ right around the​ corner. Their Pirates are the​ worst team in​ baseball with a​ record of​ 30 win and 60 losses and are well on​ their way to​ a​ 100 + loss season.


The NL has plenty to​ play for and Tuesday night will be when they temporarily get well as​ they beat the​ AL 9-5. Time to​ Cash!

Bob Acton

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