National Campaign Gives Homeless Dogs New Leashes On Life

Each year,​ approximately four million dogs are up for adoption at​ animal shelters and breed rescues across the​ country. Sadly,​ only two million of​ these dogs ever find homes.

Actress Minnie Driver and Pedigree Food for Dogs are giving millions of​ homeless dogs new "leashes" on​ life,​ through the​ second annual Pedigree Adoption Drive. the​ national awareness and fundraising campaign rallies and rewards dog lovers nationwide who come to​ the​ rescue of​ the​ millions of​ shelter dogs waiting to​ find good homes.

As a​ dog owner and lover,​ dog adoption is​ a​ cause close to​ Driver's heart. "There's nothing more rewarding than coming home from a​ long day to​ the​ unconditional love of​ my dog,​ Bubba,​" said Driver. "Dogs from shelters and breed rescue organizations make wonderful,​ loving pets and I would encourage anyone contemplating getting a​ dog not to​ overlook their local pet rescue organizations."

As part of​ the​ adoption drive,​ Driver and Pedigree hope to​ encourage adoptions and engage dog lovers in​ this important cause in​ these simple ways:

• Support Fundraising Efforts-Pedigree is​ committed to​ donating up to​ $1 million of​ all 2018 product sales to​ support qualified animal shelters and breed rescue organizations across the​ country.

• Wear Dog Tags-To show support of​ this cause,​ "Dogs rule" fashion dog tags are available for free via a​ mail-in offer; Pedigree will make a​ $1 donation for every dog tag redeemed. Plus,​ celebrities will personalize one-of-a-kind dog tags for auction on​ eBay from March 6 to​ 16,​ 2018.

• Learn About All Things Canine-Educational information on​ what to​ expect when adopting a​ dog is​ available via a​ downloadable "Adoption Guide" at​

"As the​ brand that loves dogs,​ we're proud to​ shine a​ spotlight on​ the​ dog adoption crisis and all those homeless dogs that deserve love in​ their lives,​" said Rob Leibowitz,​ marketing director,​ Dog Portfolio,​ Masterfoods USA,​ the​ makers of​ Pedigree. "Any dog lover knows that it​ doesn't matter where dogs come from-they'll love you​ just the​ same."

Dog Adoption Drive

There is​ no better time than now to​ bring home a​ source of​ unconditional love and adopt a​ canine companion. "Pedigree is​ not just about dog food; our love of​ dogs is​ the​ driving force behind all that we do,​" added Leibowitz.

Make a​ Fashion Statement

Specially designed dog tags,​ emblazoned with personal causes and rally calls,​ are the​ hottest fashion accessories to​ grace the​ necks of​ Hollywood starlets and fashionistas alike. as​ a​ way to​ show support for homeless dogs,​ stylish Pedigree fashion dog tags can be obtained for free through a​ mail-in offer. Complete details can be found at​

In addition,​ Driver and other celebrities including Molly Sims and Nicollette Sheridan are lending a​ hand to​ the​ cause by personalizing one-of-a-kind fashion dog tags that will be auctioned on​ eBay for charity. All proceeds from the​ auction will benefit the​ American Humane Association.

Responsible Pet Ownership

It's important to​ note that adopting a​ pet is​ a​ very important decision that should not be taken lightly. Caring for a​ pet is​ a​ big responsibility,​ but most dog lovers will tell you​ that adding a​ canine to​ your family will bring a​ great deal of​ joy and happiness.

To help educate potential dog owners,​ offers a​ special dog adoption microsite providing a​ wealth of​ information all about dogs,​ from how the​ adoption process works to​ training and everyday care and nutrition. a​ downloadable "Adoption Guide" is​ a​ resource for those considering adoption and offers tips and checklists that are handy for first-time animal shelter visits,​ vet trips and even shopping.

More "Paws" for Consideration

Need more motivation to​ adopt a​ homeless dog? Consider these results from a​ recent Pedigree-sponsored survey of​ dog owners:

• 86.3 percent say their dog makes them feel better about themselves-both emotionally and physically.

• 64.8 percent say their dog is​ a​ good source of​ unconditional love.

• 60 percent consider their dog part of​ the​ family,​ showcasing their pets in​ family portraits and even on​ holiday cards.

• 77.7 percent believe that adopting from a​ shelter is​ the​ right thing to​ do.

Pedigree Brand products are available at​ grocery,​ pet specialty and mass merchandise outlets nationwide.

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