Naming Your Pedigreed Dog

Unlike some aspects of​ dog ownership,​ naming your dog is​ just plain fun! the​ pets themselves don't require much; they just need a​ pleasing dog name they can identify with when you​ give them commands. But if​ you​ plan to​ show a​ purebred dog in​ competitions,​ there’s a​ lot to​ consider when it's time to​ choose a​ dog name for your dog's American Kennel Club certificate. Let's start at​ the​ beginning.

The name of​ the​ kennel your dog came from is​ part of​ his show name. Usually,​ it's the​ first part of​ his name as​ it​ appears on​ the​ certificate. if​ you​ purchased your dog from a​ show kennel,​ then the​ kennel's name should be first,​ such as: Dexy's Fido. if​ you​ bred the​ dog yourself,​ then use your own original kennel name. you​ can also use a​ combination such as​ 'Dexy's Fido of​ (your kennel name here)' so that your dog's name reflects both where he comes from and where he now resides.

Originality is​ important when choosing a​ show dog name. the​ American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn't allow duplicate dog names,​ and will ask you​ to​ choose another name if​ your pick is​ already taken.

Unusual dog names with creative spelling attract attention to​ your dog in​ a​ show catalog,​ while reducing the​ chance that you've nearly duplicated another dog's name. For example,​ 'Dexy's Hi-Jac' is​ a​ cute play on​ the​ word hijack. It's catchy yet original,​ and offers a​ great built-in theme for the​ future if​ you​ advertise your dog in​ breed and show magazines. you​ could use "He'll hijack your heart" for your ads. Cute,​ right?

Once you've selected your dog's 'paper name',​ the​ work isn’t over. You'll still need to​ settle on​ a​ shorter dog 'call name' for everyday reference. Using our example of​ Dexy's Hi-Jac,​ the​ name Jack immediately suggests itself for the​ dog's call name,​ while directly referring us back to​ his official dog name on​ the​ AKC papers.

So,​ now that you​ know the​ basics of​ dog naming,​ you're ready to​ choose a​ dog name that will serve you​ well both at​ home and in​ the​ show ring.

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