Myths About Skin Cancer Are You Safe

Myths About Skin Cancer Are You Safe

Myths About Skin Cancer Are you​ Safe?
Sara spends much of​ her summer near the​ beach . ​
She lives in​ a​ mild climate and​ is​ very athletic . ​
She loves to​ swim,​ bike,​ and​ play games outdoors . ​
Sara knows the​ dangers of​ the​ sun and​ so she opts for​ tanning salons to​ get her golden glow while being sure to​ apply sunscreen every day before heading out . ​

Joseph lives in​ a​ cooler,​ northern climate . ​
the​ summers can be very humid,​ but most of​ the​ year is​ mild or​ even below freezing during the​ harshest winter months . ​
the​ beach has never been much of​ a​ draw for​ him and​ he spends most of​ his time doing indoor activities or​ at​ his job . ​
Joseph doesnt worry about sunscreen and​ only had one sunburn that he can remember and​ that was when he was a​ child . ​

Which of​ these examples do you​ most associate yourself with? Did you​ know that Sara and​ Joseph are both at​ risk of​ developing skin cancer? we​ have all heard the​ warnings about the​ dangers of​ sun exposure . ​
we​ know all about the​ importance of​ wearing sunscreen and​ hats . ​
But are you​ protected from skin cancer? Consider these myths and​ facts
Myth Tanning Beds are Safer than the​ Sun
20 minutes of​ exposure in​ a​ tanning bed is​ roughly equivalent to​ four hours in​ the​ sun . ​
Although sun beds use UVA rather than UVB rays,​ the​ Skin Cancer Answer states that UVA penetrates more deeply into the​ skin than UVB,​ can cause skin cancer,​ and​ may suppress the​ immune system . ​

Myth Wearing Sunscreen at​ the​ Beach is​ Protection
85 percent of​ UV rays can even make it​ through on​ cloudy days . ​
That means you​ are equally at​ risk in​ the​ car,​ walking the​ dog or​ letting your children out to​ play at​ any time of​ year even when youre not at​ the​ beach . ​
of​ course,​ you​ are usually less attired at​ the​ beach and​ so covering up is​ recommended even when wearing sunscreen . ​
Sunscreen also wears off with sweat and​ water and​ should always be applied every two hours or​ after getting wet . ​

Myth Taking Care of​ Your Skin Now Will Protect You
Sadly,​ skin cancer can take 20 or​ more years to​ develop . ​
the​ Skin Cancer Foundation states that most people receive about 80 percent of​ their lifetime sun exposure before the​ age of​ 18 . ​
Just one blistering sunburn in​ childhood is​ estimated to​ double the​ risk of​ melanoma later in​ life . ​
Taking better care now will reduce the​ risk,​ but not eliminate the​ damage already done . ​

Myth Having a​ Tan Means Youre More Protected
Dark skinned individuals are less likely to​ develop cancer,​ but tanned skin is​ actually damaged skin . ​
Repeated tanning injures the​ skin and​ increases the​ risk of​ skin cancer . ​

So how do you​ plan to​ protect your family this year? Some suggestions are to​ limit exposure to​ the​ sun especially for​ infants . ​
Examine your skin for​ early signs of​ damage . ​
Use a​ sunscreen of​ SPF 15 or​ higher and​ apply it​ at​ least 30 minutes before exposure and​ every two hours after that . ​
Teach your children good safety habits and​ be sure you​ and​ they are covered up when outdoors . ​

Have fun and​ be safe . ​

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