Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

There is​ nothing for​ free. But how about almost free, or​ free with little effort? Ah ha! Now that you’re paying attention, let’s talk about the​ world of​ Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping, or​ being a​ secret shopper, is​ merely evaluating a​ product or​ service, and​ then getting paid to​ do it. the​ only stipulation is​ that you must be covert about it. the​ list of​ assignments is​ literally endless. You could be asked to​ go to​ a​ fast food restaurant, a​ clothing store, an​ employment agency, a​ car repair establishment, receive a​ bouquet of​ flowers, get your eyes checked, be a​ potential renter in​ an​ apartment complex, or​ eat out at​ a​ fine dining restaurant. Many will reimburse you for​ the​ item they required you to​ purchase and​ also give you a​ small bonus ($8-$15) on top of​ that. Sometimes you’re allowed to​ spend $40 for​ dinner and​ you’ll get an​ extra $10 if​ you submit your report on time. Other times you will be reimbursed only for​ what you purchased and​ that’s it. Each company compensates differently.

Like everything, there are a​ few downsides. Perhaps “areas of​ consideration” is​ a​ more appropriate word to​ use here. What is​ your time worth? Sometimes you’ll be offered a​ gig where you have to​ stay in​ a​ store for​ 20 minutes and​ interact with different employees. Then you need to​ come home and​ fill out a​ three page report detailing every single tidbit that happened. You may have driven 40 miles round trip and​ you’ll get a​ check for​ $10 when all is​ said and​ done. Consider how much your time and​ a​ tank of​ gasoline is​ worth. the​ assignment may fit your situation just fine. Also you may be asked to​ go to​ a​ boatload of​ fast food restaurants and​ purchase Crabby Patties. Now suddenly you need an​ entire new wardrobe because it​ appears your dryer is​ shrinking all of​ your pants. You just need to​ evaluate where you want to​ go and​ determine if​ you are willing to​ do the​ assignment for​ the​ agreed upon compensation.

Getting started is​ rather simple. Google the​ words “Mystery Shoppers” or​ “Mystery Shopping” or​ “Secret Shopping”. From there you’ll see a​ plethora of​ companies that work in​ this arena. Visit each site to​ sign up to​ become a​ shopper. They’ll ask you for​ basic contact information. Some will ask why you want to​ be a​ shopper. Others might ask for​ a​ sample of​ your writing. This is​ to​ insure you can complete an​ evaluation report. it​ could take 4-6 weeks before you hear back from some. Some will phone you, some will send you emails and​ some will send assignments in​ the​ mail (note: most have done away with snail mail assignments). Register with as​ many companies that interest you.

Remember. Do not pay for​ a​ guide advertised on the​ newspapers. All the​ information you need is​ easily available online… Free! Free! Free!

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