Mystery Shopping For Fun And Profit

Mystery Shopping For Fun And Profit

Mystery Shopping for​ Fun and​ Profit
How would you like to​ get paid to​ go shopping? That's right! Get paid to​ shop for​ clothes, eat in​ restaurants, watch movies, play golf, travel, and​ so on.
You can have your cake and​ eat it​ too! Enjoy the​ best of​ both worlds .​
Make money and​ have fun at​ the​ same time as​ a​ mystery shopper.
What is​ a​ Mystery Shopper?
Sometimes known as​ a​ secret shopper, a​ mystery shopper looks like any other customer but is​ working undercover to​ perform market research or​ other tests on business establishments.
For example, a​ mystery shopper may check on the​ quality of​ service and​ products at​ a​ particular fast food outlet.
Were the​ staff friendly, courteous and​ helpful? Were the​ washrooms clean? Was the​ food hot and​ tasty? Did the​ staff attempt to​ upsell? Was the​ order filled accurately and​ quickly?

Why the​ Need for​ Mystery Shoppers?
Companies are concerned about the​ quality of​ your shopping experience .​
If there is​ a​ problem, they would like to​ know about it​ so that they can take corrective action and​ keep you as​ a​ customer.
For this reason, businesses hire mystery shoppers to​ check on their locations and​ report the​ results.
As well, comparison shopping can reveal pricing and​ service differences of​ the​ competition.
Mystery shoppers sometimes uncover safety or​ security concerns and​ other helpful information.
How To Make Money as​ a​ Mystery Shopper
You can make money as​ a​ freelance mystery shopper .​
Contact market research companies and​ other businesses to​ obtain clients.
As an​ independent contractor, you will invoice clients your fees for​ services rendered .​
As well, you will be reimbursed for​ any direct expenses incurred (such as​ the​ cost of​ store purchases).
It is​ also possible to​ run your own market research company and​ subcontract out the​ work .​
You would need to​ get business clients who are willing to​ pay for​ these secret shopping assignments .​
Then, find suitable people who are willing to​ perform those assignments for​ you.
Variety is​ the​ Spice of​ Mystery Shopping
Your assignments as​ a​ mystery shopper can be varied and​ interesting.
One time you may eat in​ a​ fast food restaurant .​
Another time you may be asked to​ see how long it​ takes to​ get service from a​ company by telephone.
Perhaps you may be asked to​ shop at​ a​ website to​ check out its user friendliness .​
Still another assignment may require you to​ rate the​ helpfulness of​ store staff.
So, if​ you would like to​ have fun while making money, consider becoming a​ mystery shopper.

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