Myspace Networking Vs. Creating A Stand Alone Web Site.

Myspace Networking Vs. Creating A Stand Alone Web Site.

How do I create a​ web site? How do I start selling online?

How do I make money using the​ Internet? is​ Internet Marketing Valid? People who know me and​ know that I'm a​ web developer and​ programmer ask me a​ lot of​ questions about web sites, web pages, HTML code, CSS, JavaScript code, ASP, PHP, Databases like MS SQL and​ MySQL.

One question I answer often is: Should I create my own web site or​ use a​ "free" site like MySpace? Sometimes instead of​ MySpace, it's the​ free web space that comes with their ISP account they're asking about, but the​ question is​ really the​ same.

Establishing a​ web presence with a​ professional image requires your own web site and​ domain name. MySpace is​ awesome, however it's a​ social networking tool used to​ "network" or​ find people and​ stay in​ touch with them. Like most of​ the​ tools in​ your toolkit, it​ has a​ function and​ can be very useful. Use MySpace and​ other social networks as​ a​ marketing resource: to​ help people discover you or​ your business and​ lead them to​ your main web site.

If you are in​ business, or​ a​ serious amateur or​ hobbyist, you need your own web site. You can setup profiles on all of​ the​ social networking sites like MySpace and​ use those profiles to​ direct people to​ your web site. But you need your own web site and​ domain name. Each site like MySpace has rules and​ will sometimes delete accounts, either for​ breaking the​ rules, or​ by mistake. You don't want your only site on the​ Internet exposed to​ this kind of​ risk. in​ addition, you want to​ look as​ professional as​ you possibly can.

How do I get started? How do I start my own web site? I'll outline the​ steps.

1) Domain Names: You need to​ register a​ domain name. Select a​ name that is​ as​ short as​ possible and​ that reflects your site's function. There are sites on the​ Internet that you can use to​ help research this. Once you decide on a​ domain name that's available, you need to​ pay for​ it​ - this is​ called registering. You can register it​ for​ 1 year up to​ several years. I use for​ this. They also have a​ domain spinner tool that can help you find available domain names; you simply enter two words and​ the​ tool makes variations and​ combination of​ the​ names and​ checks their availability.

2) Web Hosting: You need to​ a​ place for​ your web site.

There are a​ lot of​ hosting providers you can choose from.

They all work in​ a​ similar fashion. You rent space on a​ web server and​ bandwidth (traffic to​ and​ from the​ server) by the​ month for​ your web site. Prices range from less than $20 per month all the​ way up to​ the​ sky depending on how much space and​ bandwidth you're using. I can recommend a​ hosting service if​ you need help selecting one.

3) Putting the​ domain name and​ hosting together: if​ you registered your domain name with a​ different service than the​ hosting provider, you'll have to​ tell the​ domain name registrar where your web site is​ hosted. You do this by telling the​ registrar the​ addresses of​ the​ "name servers" of​ the​ hosting facility. the​ hosting provider will usually configure your DNS (domain name server) records for​ you web site on their DNS server and​ you need to​ give the​ name server's address to​ the​ registrar of​ your domain name so that your domain name points to​ the​ correct DNS servers. it​ sounds complicated, but it's really not. if​ you registered with the​ same service that you're using for​ a​ hosting provider, then this is​ usually done for​ you.

4) Create the​ site: Finally, make your web site. You should spend some time researching popular web sites of​ the​ same type as​ the​ one you intend to​ build. This will give you a​ good idea of​ what works in​ that area. One of​ the​ keys to​ being successful in​ any area is​ to​ follow the​ lead of​ someone who's already successful. Find some successful sites by doing searches on Google, Yahoo, or​ MSN and​ looking at​ the​ top sites that are returned. Even if​ you have no experience making web sites, you can still create a​ very nice web site. I offer online courses for​ beginners on how to​ create web sites - see my info below for​ the​ link.

In a​ few hours you can have a​ very nice looking, functional web site.

I hope this helps clear up some of​ the​ confusion about web sites, social networking sites like MySpace, and​ how to​ start your own web site.

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