My Review Of Feed Blaster

My Review Of Feed Blaster

Feed blaster is​ software that automaticly post your ad to​ hundreds of​ RSS feeds. The cost is​ $50 and it​ is​ a​ pretty good deal.

I have been using it​ for about six months now. Though it​ hasn't resulted in​ the flood of​ traffic that the website claims it​ does give my site a​ noticable traffic boost.

The size of​ the boost depends on the keyword phrase, but almost every phrase I have tried results in​ some increased traffic. it​ is​ not permanent however and I have to​ use the feed blaster three or​ four days a​ week.

A brief aside. For my dating sites, the more vulger and po​rnographic my keyword phrase the more hits I get from feed blaster. I won't even try to​ guess why.

The more simple minded my marketing phrase the more hits I get. For instance "money, money, moeny" and "easy money online" result in​ more hits than "Earn income online" does.

Play around with differnt phrases. Don't be afraid to​ have some fun.

The program is​ very easy to​ use. Simply type in​ your ad and save it. Them click "OK". The screen defaults to​ the first ad on your list so be sure to​ check that the correct ad is​ high lighted before clicking "OK".

Then type in​ your keyword phrase and click "Find Feeds". You can post to​ a​ max of​ 500 feeds. The default is​ 100. I don't know why. I always post to​ the max of​ 500 feeds. Why would anyone want to​ choose fewer than the max?

Last you click "Submit Your Ad" and " then "Start". Thats it. Let the program post your ad. it​ doesn't slow down your system or​ interfere with anything. in​ fact I'm posting as​ I type this article. Most of​ the time I let it​ run and go watch TV, but that's just me. I get a​ kick out of​ the fact that I'm watching a​ movie and advertising my website at​ the same time.

Drawbacks. You can only post one ad at​ a​ time. There is​ no way, that I have found, to​ select multiple ads.

There is​ no pause. if​ you stop the posting you have to​ start over from number 1.

There is​ no way to​ know if​ your ad was accepted. Except the traffic you recieve of​ course.

As I said the program defaults to​ the first ad on your list, so you can't tell which ad was the last submitted. I never remember to​ write down which one I'm submitting and probably double and triple post more than I realize.

All in​ all Feed Blaster is​ a​ good investment. it​ won't skyrocket you to​ instant online marketing success, but what product will?

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My Review Of Feed Blaster

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