My Mistakes As A Web Design Newbie

My Mistakes As A Web Design Newbie

Learn from them

Approaching retirement age I was made redundant last year and​ decided to​ create my first web site, initially knowing little about it. I hope that, by reading about my experiences, that I may save you both time and​ money if​ you ever find yourself in​ the​ position of​ wanting to​ build a​ site with little initial knowledge.

I bought five or​ six ebooks on how to​ make my web fortune from the​ one-page web-sites that you see on the​ web. the​ prices ranged from $9.95 to​ $29.95. it​ would be unfair of​ me to​ say that they were of​ no use, as​ you can always pick up the​ odd pointer, or​ contact. However, with the​ benefit of​ hindsight I would not have purchased any of​ them. Instead there are free, better written books which give you at​ least the​ same pointers, and​ often have more substance. You can download from my web site, for​ free, two excellent books by Ken Evoy, which will provide you with a​ good basic knowledge to​ move forward. Don’t get carried away with the​ sales hype contained in​ some of​ these “get rich quick” single page sales letters that offer huge free bonuses and​ an​ imminent price increase.

Universities and​ colleges
There are various colleges and​ universities on the​ web which promise you the​ ultimate in​ web creation, site marketing, search engine optimization and​ much more, “all under one roof” They usually have libraries of​ “how to” books and​ membership is​ by monthly subscription with some offering a​ lower fee for​ the​ first month. Have a​ look, by all means, I looked at​ three and​ claimed my refund within the​ stated period. I found that I could obtain similar information offered for​ free with a​ little searching, and​ that what they really offered was convenience.

Web Design software
I initially purchased a​ web site building package for​ $69.95 and​ was soon disappointed by its lack of​ functionality. I then looked over the​ shoulder of​ a​ friend whilst they showed me the​ workings of​ a​ top-end product costing nearly $400.00 but I found it​ to​ be too complicated with too steep a​ learning curve too be quickly productive. I posted a​ request for​ help on the​ Warriors forum and​ there were more recommends for​ a​ particular product than any other. So I decided that my first web site would be a​ review of​ that product, which I would create as​ a​ trial, before I went on to​ build a​ site that would aim at​ generating income.

What should the​ web site be about?
Several of​ the​ books that I read suggested that the​ subject matter should be about something that you enjoy doing and​ therefore you will create your site with more passion and​ enthusiasm. Whilst this is​ sound advice I found that the​ need to​ create a​ trial site, which would force me to​ learn the​ basics, was more than a​ sufficient driving force.

Domain name & Web hosting
Go for​ a​ dot com registration and​ pay no more than $10 per annum. Don’t go for​ free hosting, you get what you pay for. I looked at​ hosting sites that offered complete package with hosting, autoresponders, SEO and​ linking software and​ much more. Whilst everything was conveniently in​ one place they failed to​ convince me that each product would stack up well if​ they were competing in​ each niche market. I therefore opted for​ the​ best of​ breed approach and​ a​ little less convenience.

Search Engine Optimization
This was probably the​ subject that I was most worried about as​ I new that it​ referred to​ making a​ web site as​ easy as​ possible for​ the​ search engines to​ find, but I had no clue as​ to​ how to​ go about it. I have a​ free ebook that you can download entitled “Search Engine Optimization Made Easy” which will give you the​ basics to​ carry out this process. the​ book is​ really a​ plug by the​ author of​ SEO software for​ his excellent product. I was fortunate in​ that the​ web design software I selected also, somewhat unusually, held my hand through this process, carefully pointing out page, by page, what I needed to​ do.

Article Distribution
I was aware that, in​ order to​ succeed, I should submit articles to​ the​ numerous Article Directories present on the​ Internet. There are two ways to​ do this. By purchasing one of​ the​ two major pieces of​ software to​ assist me in​ doing it​ myself, or​ to​ use a​ company to​ do it​ for​ me. I looked at​ each way and​ found that, whilst both software solutions cut out some of​ the​ tedious manuals tasks of​ submitting to​ over 150 directories, it​ was still time consuming. Having examined the​ market place carefully, discounting any company who charged for​ a​ fixed number of​ submissions, I opted for​ one who for​ a​ fixed quarterly fee would submit any number of​ articles.

Link software
Again, so that I would get more site traffic, I new that I should get other sites to​ link to​ mine and​ that I would have to​ manage those links and​ the​ emails back and​ forth etc. I initially started to​ design an​ Excel spreadsheet linked to​ Microsoft Word but decided that I would still have to​ create the​ links pages by hand. My advice is​ to​ obtain software which houses all your links in​ a​ searchable database, handles all of​ the​ emails, including template housing, and​ that automatically creates the​ HTML link pages for​ you.

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