My Dog Is Lost What Should I Do Now

My Dog Is Lost What Should I Do Now

Your dog is​ lost. you​ are worried and clueless on​ how to​ get started to​ bring your lost dog home. Follow these tips here and I’m sure it​ will increase your chances of​ finding your lost dog.

1. Make sure that your dog is​ actually lost – Search your house and back yard completely first. Your dog might just be too distracted by his new found toy in​ the​ yard.

2. Search around your neighborhood. Most dogs don’t usually wander off far from their house.

3. Use your voice – Call out his name when finding your lost dog. it​ is​ a​ more useful searching tool than your eyes. Dogs can hear a​ lot better than we do and the​ distance from which dogs can hear things is​ four times further than man.

4. Ask around during the​ search – Talk to​ people especially people walking their dog,​ because they are the​ group to​ be most concern and take notice with a​ wandering dog.

5. Alert your neighbors and people in​ your neighborhood that your dog is​ missing. you​ can put up poster at​ eye level and in​ areas where people frequent. you​ can also E-mail your friends to​ keep a​ “lookout” for your dog.

6. Put up or​ distribute useful information. a​ poster with a​ large “Lost Dog” and “Reward” heading might be most eyes catching. Also remember to​ include your dog’s name,​ breed,​ color,​ distinct features (if any) and ways to​ contact you​ like your phone number.

7. Call local shelters and pet related places within a​ 100 miles radius of​ your house. Leave your contactable number with them so that they can reach you​ if​ your dog turns up. Visit these places if​ possible to​ pass them a​ poster of​ your lost dog so that it​ can reach out to​ more people.

8. Post lost dog ads on​ the​ internet - With the​ ever increase use of​ the​ net. a​ lot of​ people have found their pets through this avenue. you​ can start off with and Find more lost pet ads posting site on​ the​ search engine - Key in​ ‘find lost dog’ or​ ‘lost dog ads’.

9. Beware of​ money scams. There are people who are out to​ cheat you​ out of​ your money. Knowing that you​ are worried,​ it’s easy for these people to​ take advantage of​ you​ in​ many different ways. Think logically and ask for advice if​ necessary before you​ give someone money to​ return your dog.

10. Don’t give up easily. Dogs have been known to​ find their way back home after being lost for several months. Your dog might be just one of​ them!

Before you​ lost your beloved dog,​ it’s good to​ take measures to​ ensure that you​ can be located if​ your lost dog is​ found - an​ ID dog tag would usually be the​ most efficient and important form of​ ID for your dog.

My Dog Is Lost What Should I Do Now

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