Munich Hotel Guide

Munich Hotel Guide

When it​ comes to​ touring the most popular cities in​ Germany, Munich is​ second only to​ Berlin. it​ is​ the largest city in​ the German state of​ Bavaria, and is​ one of​ the most prosperous cities in​ Europe. it​ has a​ population of​ just over 1 million people.

The city is​ located near the Isar river and lies north of​ the Bavarian Alps. Compared to​ other European cities, Munich is​ relatively new, having been established around the 11th century. Many German kings have resided in​ the city, and Munich has been one of​ the homes of​ the Renaissance and the counter movement against the Reformation.

In recent years, Munich has become Germany's center for biotechnology and other industries. Munich is​ a​ city which mixes the old with the new very well, and its citizens are known for their high quality lifestyles. Travelers to​ the city will find that there is​ much to​ see and do. The best time to​ visit the city is​ between May and September, when the weather is​ opulent.

Munich is​ the home of​ numerous museums. The Bavarian National Museum is​ one of​ the best places for exploring art exhibitions, tapestries, weapons, and other artifacts from the middle ages. For those who love German automobiles, the BMW museum is​ a​ place you won't want to​ miss.

If you would like to​ get a​ glimpse of​ Bavarian royalty, you will want to​ visit the Altstadt and check out the beautiful avenues and architecture. For those who are passionate about science and technology, the Deutsches Museum is​ a​ place where you will be able to​ view different types of​ gadgets and other mechanisms.

When it​ comes to​ dining, Bavarian food is​ very hearty and appetizing. Very few vegetables are used, and people who love them may find this to​ be disconcerting. Most meals are a​ combination of​ pork and potatoes with a​ touch of​ cabbage.

As with most cities in​ Germany, Munich can be expensive, and it​ may be best to​ bring ample amounts of​ money when visiting. Munich also holds many carnivals and festivals, and you will want to​ see them while visiting. Munich is​ also an​ excellent place for cycling.

If you enjoy sailing, you will want to​ take a​ boat trip on the Kleinhesseloher Lake, and you can also surf on the Isar river. it​ isn't recommended that you swim in​ the Isar due to​ pollution, but the Olympia-Schwimmhalle is​ a​ great place for those who like to​ swim.

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