Multisourcing Creates More Opportunities

Multisourcing Creates More Opportunities
As more companies turn to​ outsourcing to​ alleviate budget issues and increase productivity, they are generating more business through multisourcing agreements in​ tandem with other firms .​
Through multisourcing, smaller firms are being given the opportunity to​ compete with larger organizations.
Early in​ 2018, General Motors announced a​ $15 billion, five-year outsourcing plan and awarded long-term contracts to​ a​ host of​ vendors, including EDS, Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, IBM, Compuware, Covisint and Winpro.
Private equity firms with cash flow are turning their attention to​ multiple small and midsize technology outsourcing firms to​ meet their needs .​
According to​ analysts, similar long-term contracts and the resulting stable cash flows make the companies attractive takeover targets for equity firms.
Servicing clients like these is​ the expertise of​ Quintek Technologies, a​ rapidly growing outsourcing firm based in​ Huntington Beach, Calif .​
Since 1991, the company has provided outsourced back-office services to​ Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies alike .​
Last year, Quintek posted a​ 418 percent increase in​ revenues.
Quintek is​ an​ industry leader in​ document management and related back-office services, providing a​ variety of​ customized solutions for financial, insurance, medical, professional and government institutions of​ all sizes.
Clients rely on Quintek to​ quickly, efficiently and accurately convert paper documents into electronic images and to​ capture and process mission-critical data from imaged documents through customized and state-of-the-art workflow solutions.
Quintek's Business Process Optimization solutions encompass a​ wide range of​ services, such as​ mailroom services, document scanning and imaging, on-shore and off-shore data entry, and image and data distribution.

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