Multimedia Speakers A Beginners Guide

Multimedia Speakers A Beginners Guide

Multimedia Speakers: a​ Beginner’s Guide
Being a​ long-time Netizen, I​ frequently lurk in, around, and under the World Wide Web, visiting forums, blogs, and everywhere else I​ can go to​ without being arrested by the cyberpolice .​
My favorites, of​ course, are technology-related sites .​
That said, I’ve seen and encountered a​ lot of​ questions from people wanting to​ know what’s the best product out there, whether it’s a​ digital camera, multimedia speakers, or​ flash disks .​
And I​ just want to​ reiterate my frequent opinion on this matter: The best product is​ what fits your budget and meets your needs.
With regards to​ multimedia speakers, it​ amounts to​ the same thing .​
You alone can decide what’s best for you, basing on what you need the speakers for and how much you can afford .​
Multimedia speakers have definitely come a​ long way .​
With the development of​ the Internet, along with games, digital music and video, the computer has evolved from being a​ mere document-processing machine to​ a​ multimedia station .​
Without the appropriate multimedia speaker system, one cannot begin to​ fully appreciate the entertainment power and potential of​ the computer and the Web.
Let’s start with the price .​
You can buy multimedia speakers for as​ low as​ $100 or​ less, but you can only expect good quality from 2.1 systems .​
At these prices, 4.1 and 5.1 speaker systems can only offer mediocre sound quality, being budget-oriented .​
At $150 to​ $200, expect to​ get high-quality 2.1 systems and good quality 4.1 and 5.1 systems .​
From $250 to​ $300, you can get high-quality 4.1 systems, but try to​ avoid brand names at​ this time, because it’s entirely possible to​ get others that match or​ even surpass the sound quality of​ well-known brands .​
Speaker systems at​ the $350 to​ $400+ category can deliver excellent sound quality, competing with and even surpassing some home audio products, although this is​ a​ relatively new market.
What’s the use? What I​ mean by this is, what are you going to​ use them for? Not all multimedia speakers are created equal .​
You have to​ learn how to​ match a​ speaker system to​ how you are going to​ use them .​
Generally, people would like to​ use their speakers for a​ variety of​ purposes, and the three most common are DVDs, games, and digital music .​
If you’re mainly going to​ use them for gaming, get a​ system with good 3D capabilities, deep bass, and raw volume .​
It depends on how much money and space you have, though, if​ you’re buying a​ 2.1, 4.1, or​ 5.1 system .​

For music, it​ gets a​ little more complicated .​
There is​ detailed and non-detailed sound .​
Non-detailed sound includes pop, rap, rock, dance, and alternative music .​
For these you need speakers with deep bass, raw volume, and what can only be called as​ an​ in​ your face delivery .​
Detailed music includes jazz, blues, classical, and R&B .​
You’re going to​ need speakers with good soundstage 3D capabilities, tight bass, and a​ wide dynamic range.
When you want to​ use them for DVDs, I​ can only recommend a​ good 4.1 system, at​ least .​
Anything less than this just won’t give justice to​ the potential sound quality of​ the movie .​
Of course you also need a​ high-quality soundcard, but you already knew that .​
Contrary to​ public opinion, though, you do not need an​ external AC3 decoder or​ digital speakers just to​ get Dolby 5.1 surround sound .​
a​ lot of​ my friends are using analog speakers with 6.1 soundcards, and it​ plays back the Dolby signals just fine.
Now, there are a​ lot more to​ talk about, but just remember these things I’ve mentioned and you’ll do fine with your multimedia speakers shopping .​
Don’t just take a​ reviewer’s word for it .​
Trust no one else but you .​
Get out there, bring along some music or​ DVDs that you listen to, and test the speakers’ performance .​
In the end, it’s your ears, your money, and it’s going to​ be your speakers .​
By doing this, you’re ensuring countless hours of​ pure listening pleasure for yourself.

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