Multimedia Advertising Some Recommendations To Improve Effectiveness
And Visitor Responsiveness

Multimedia Advertising Some Recommendations To Improve Effectiveness And Visitor Responsiveness

More and​ more online businesses and​ internet marketers are recognizing the​ tremendous benefits and​ responsiveness that multimedia generates when used as​ an​ advertising medium and​ marketing strategy.

For those that utilize multimedia effectively, significant increases in​ buy rates, conversion rates and​ subscription rates have been experienced and​ all within a​ very short period of​ time. However, many believe that just adding any old media content, such as​ video and​ audio onto their website will generate significant increases in​ visitor responsiveness regardless of​ content presentation, quality, and​ other attributes that contribute to​ a​ positive experience for​ the​ website visitor. Just so that we are clear, this assertion is​ very wrong and​ can have potentially negative consequences from a​ marketing and/or advertising standpoint.

My philosophy is​ quite simple. Using multimedia to​ advertise your product or​ service needs to​ follow the​ same basic rules and​ principles as​ would apply to​ any other strategy or​ medium that can be used to​ convert prospects into subscribers and​ buyers. Yes, multimedia does improve conversion rates but it​ has to​ be done right and​ convey professionalism. This is​ absolutely essential.

When it​ comes to​ video and​ audio content online, what's often been the​ case is​ that those who have tried to​ add this type of​ media content to​ their websites have unfortunately had disastrous results. for​ example, with video content, many have added videos to​ their webpages that are of​ extremely poor quality, small and​ ugly. the​ overall experience for​ the​ viewer - Poor. One of​ the​ biggest problems has been the​ fact that the​ videos load very slowly. Visitors are turned off completely by the​ fact that they have to​ wait for​ minutes, even longer sometimes in​ order for​ the​ video or​ audio file to​ start playing. This, unfortunately, is​ a​ result of​ these webmasters using cookie-cutter solutions to​ add video or​ audio content to​ their site without really knowing the​ implications and​ limitations. as​ I said, with multimedia...either do it​ right or​ don't do it​ at​ all. for​ those who do their research and​ take a​ little time to​ produce video and​ audio content that is​ of​ good quality, the​ results have been tremendous.

Bottom Line: if​ you want to​ capture the​ attention of​ your visitors,you need to​ use top notch technology to​ bring your message to​ that person and​ provides the​ viewer with a​ positive experience.

If you do plan on adding video and​ audio content to​ your website, here are a​ few simple guidelines to​ follow when determining what the​ best multimedia solution is​ for​ you:

1. Cost Effective: You need a​ solution that doesn't cost an​ arm and​ a​ leg and​ leaves you with great video and/or audio content on your website but flat broke.

2. Fast loading Media Content (Video/Audio) that can play almost immediately. Website visitors are fickle and​ inpatient so its not wise to​ keep them waiting when trying to​ view your video advertisement or​ listen to​ your audio message.

3. Superior Website Integration: Video and​ Audio Content that can appear to​ be seamlessly Integrated into your websites and​ emails. Viewers don't have to​ view video and​ audio ads with media player's that annoyingly pop-up on top of​ their internet browsers and​ distract them from the​ rest of​ your website.

4. Superior Customization: Video and​ Audio Advertisements that can be customized for​ your websites and​ emails based on your specific requirements.

5. the​ ability to​ handle a​ large volume of​ simultaneous visitors.

6. Large-Scale Playability: Viewing/Listening DOES NOT require the​ download of​ additional plug-ins. Don't make your visitors have to​ download any special software to​ view or​ listen to​ the​ video and​ audio content on your website.

7. the​ media content needs to​ be of​ reasonably good quality and​ resolution. Don't worry, you don't need Lord of​ the​ Rings quality to​ provide your website visitors with a​ positive experience. They won't expect perfect quality but you need to​ make sure that the​ content is​ of​ good quality.

Of course, we can get into specific details about each one of​ these things but we won't get into that in​ this article. These are just high-level, general guidelines that you can follow when shopping around for​ a​ good multimedia solution for​ your business.

Multimedia does have impressive results from a​ marketing perspective. That's why the​ big companies and​ brand names are utilizing multimedia content to​ sell their products and​ services. However, not everyone has the​ exact same budget and​ requirements and​ if​ you are looking for​ a​ multimedia solution you need to​ spend some time shopping around to​ find a​ solution that offers the​ best bang for​ the​ buck.

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