Motorola V3i Martins Quick Review

Motorola V3i Martins Quick Review

Motorola V3i - Martin's Quick Review
The Motorola V3i is​ an​ updated version of​ the tremendously popular Razr V3 .​
The V3i keeps the same sleek and compact design the original Razr was so loved for, but this version is​ offered in​ a​ classy metallic graphite finish .​
While the color is​ the only change in​ the appearance of​ the V31, all the features of​ the Razr have been improved, although some changes are very subtle.
The caller ID screen on the outside is​ rather small, leaving the shiny casing to​ become easily smudged from fingerprints, but the V3i is​ an​ overall gorgeous phone .​
The clamshell design flips open easily to​ answer calls without touching a​ button, and snaps shut to​ end them .​
Users do have to​ remember to​ end their calls manually if​ they are using the speakerphone mode, however.
The buttons and switches around the exterior of​ the phone all fit smoothly into the design of​ the V3i and are very easy to​ use .​
The keypad is​ similar to​ that of​ the V3, with easy to​ distinguish keys and great responsiveness .​
Also like the original, the V3i is​ a​ quad band mobile phone, making it​ ideal for international usage.
The low resolution camera of​ the Razr V3 has been improved to​ a​ 1.2 megapixel camera that features an​ 8x digital zoom and is​ capable of​ video as​ well .​
The V3i’s camera is​ still very poor quality compared to​ other camera phones on the market, but it​ is​ great for occasional usage or​ for picture messaging .​

Another greatly appreciated upgrade seen in​ the V3i is​ the addition of​ a​ music player .​
Though the version that includes iTunes software is​ not available in​ the UK, the V3i features an​ easy to​ use MP3 player that can be controlled through the phone’s exterior keys .​
Musical playback is​ available in​ flight mode and can be used with headsets or​ played through the phone’s speaker, which provides fairly good quality .​
The music player also allows users to​ create play lists for more convenience.
The internal memory features of​ the V3i are not very impressive, with only 12 MB of​ storage .​
MicroSD cards can be used to​ expand the memory and to​ store music for play lists, but the card slots are located under the battery cover, making them difficult to​ access .​
The 64 MB memory card included with the V3i can easily hold about 150 tunes, but anyone desiring more file storage will have to​ remove the battery cover.
Although the features of​ the Motorola V3i are rather outdated compared to​ other mobile phones, it​ is​ a​ great improvement over the original Razr .​
If you’re looking for a​ sleek and trendy clamshell Razr phone, but want the added convenience of​ a​ functional camera and MP3 player, the V3i is​ perfect.

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