Most Successful Financial Strategies

Most Successful Financial Strategies

Most Successful Financial Strategies
In one’s quest to​ be a​ successful person, work ethic and​ perseverance is​ the​ traditional key to​ reach our dreams .​
Since we started learning that hard work pays off, we come to​ think that each step of​ activity will get us where we want to​ be .​
However, for​ people who want to​ be self-made millionaires, they know that a​ lot more is​ at​ stake.
In a​ changing financial mindset, self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre believes that hard work is​ not enough .​
The truth is, if​ hard work is​ the​ end of​ it​ all then there should be more successful people .​
After all, can we actually say to​ ourselves that we have outworked everyone? Even when we worked at​ our utmost capacity, we know that someone can still outwork us .​
Thus, when it​ comes to​ adapting a​ millionaire’s mindset, hard work does not hold much water.
This is​ the​ value of​ a​ successful financial strategy .​
Along with a​ changing mindset, financial strategies are a​ reflection of​ smart work .​
As Jamie McIntyre said, working hard and​ making money have nothing to​ do with each other in​ the​ 21st century .​
Hard work can surely take you places .​
However, if​ you want to​ make money, you have to​ care more than working hard.
Let us take the​ example of​ Jamie McIntrye’s father .​
As a​ farmer, his father is​ now a​ prosperous and​ financially independent person at​ his age .​
Learning from Jamie’s grandfather, his father believed that hard work is​ the​ key to​ success .​
Even when he became rich he still believed in​ that .​
However, hard work is​ just an​ integral part of​ being rich .​
His father instead found a​ way to​ create wealth by buying land at​ a​ low price and​ waited to​ increase its value over a​ period of​ time .​
All the​ while, his wealth is​ created even while sleeping .​
Where is​ the​ hard work in​ that? Finding a​ successful strategy is​ more about intuition and​ changing perception .​
Sometimes hard work even blinds us to​ a​ point that we stop thinking and​ that is​ when things can get frisky .​
If you want to​ develop a​ successful financial strategy, start thinking.
Another well driven financial strategy is​ finding the​ opportunities in​ risks .​
As you can imagine, these strategies are not your normal laundry methods where you wash, dry, and​ repeat .​
Finding the​ best opportunities involves having the​ heart and​ the​ focus to​ make tough decisions despite the​ overwhelming forces that can stop you from acting on your instinct.
Jamie McIntyre continues his family story in​ driving this point .​
His mother always wanted a​ coffee shop that she could own for​ herself .​
Seeing the​ opportunity, her mother bought a​ coffee shop business .​
However, when the​ seller also offered the​ building where the​ coffee shop is​ located, she did not buy it​ since that would mean borrowing the​ needed money to​ finance the​ purchase of​ the​ building.
As the​ years go by, she struggled to​ manage her coffee shop to​ a​ point that she did not pay herself a​ salary .​
What more, she struggled to​ pay the​ rent of​ the​ building that could have been hers .​
In the​ end all her hard work in​ what seems to​ be a​ promising business, turned into more hard work .​
The spiral continues.
In this example, Jamie McIntyre tells us that if​ we are presented with an​ opportunity, it​ is​ not enough to​ think hard .​
Thinking hard involves being too hesitant while losing the​ will to​ act .​
Meanwhile, thinking smart will allow us to​ see the​ opportunities before the​ hindrances speak to​ us .​
Jamie explained that if​ her mother made the​ right move and​ bought the​ building, she could have been presented with more successful options.
Successful financial strategies come from an​ evolving financial mindset and​ the​ gut to​ act on your financial instinct .​
Thus, the​ biggest return does not come from hard work .​
Instead, it​ comes from unlocking keys of​ wealth creation by working smartly.

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