Morning Sickness Survival Tips

Morning Sickness Survival Tips

"Just eat a​ few saltines and​ you'll be ok".

I don't know about you, but as​ someone who suffered with prolonged, severe morning sickness (which I affectionately call morning noon and​ night sickness), when I hear someone say this, I just want to​ slug them!

If you're suffering with nausea and​ vomiting of​ pregnancy, you're not alone. Most women experience it​ to​ some degree during their first trimester. if​ you're one of​ the​ unfortunate few whose symptoms last longer than the​ typical 6-12 weeks, I empathize. I've had the​ same experience with all 4 of​ my pregnancies. I have learned a​ few things that helped however, and​ I hope you can get some relief with these tips.

1) Getting your blood sugar regulated is​ priority #1.

One theory about why morning sickness is​ worse in​ the​ morning (and for​ some women only occurs then) is​ because when you wake up from sleep, you have low blood sugar. for​ some pregnant woman, going 8 hours without food is​ just a​ bad idea.

You might find it​ helpful to​ eat a​ high protein snack before bed, and​ even to​ eat a​ bite each time you get up in​ the​ night to​ go to​ the​ bathroom. (Which in​ the​ beginning may be quite frequent!)

Personally, I found that what I did first thing in​ the​ morning was of​ paramount importance. I had to​ eat a​ few bites of​ food *while still lying down*. So I either put some food on a​ plate beside my bed or​ asked my husband bring me a​ snack first thing in​ the​ morning.

Don't jump out of​ bed. Eat your snack slowly and​ lie still for​ a​ few minutes afterwards. Then slowly get up and​ immediately go to​ the​ kitchen and​ eat another bite. Again, emphasize protein.

2) Avoid foods that cause rapid blood sugar shifts.

Fruit juice, sugary snacks, processed cereal (the kind that comes in​ a​ box), anything made with white flour, etc...these types of​ foods cause your blood sugar to​ rapidly rise then come crashing down, triggering nausea and​ vomiting. Eat protein foods and​ whole foods.

Meat, cheese, yogurt (be careful here- try plain yogurt with frozen berries mixed in. Most yogurt has way too much sugar in​ it.), eggs, nuts, nut butters, veggies, and​ whole grains should be your staples.

Even if​ eating doesn't appeal to​ you, coaxing yourself to​ eat a​ little bit of​ a​ protein food every 2 hours will help prevent vomiting. Don't leave the​ house without carrying a​ snack with you.

3) if​ drinking water makes you sicker, try these alternatives.

It's very important that you stay hydrated. You're going to​ need extra fluids to​ support the​ pregnancy, but many women find that drinking water makes them more nauseated. Some things to​ try:

Smoothies made with fruit, ice and​ plain yogurt or​ kefir. the​ tangy flavor of​ these two dairy products really hit the​ spot for​ me. They also sneak in​ some extra protein.

Water served VERY cold with a​ squeeze of​ lemon or​ lime.

Carbonated water with a​ small amount of​ fruit juice for​ flavor.

Weakly brewed iced or​ hot tea with lemon. the​ small bit of​ caffeine won't harm your baby. Something about the​ bitter tannins in​ tea may help ease nausea.

Citrus fruits and​ melons.

4) Avoid nausea triggers as​ much as​ possible.

Your nose is​ on hyperdrive during early pregnancy!

Stinky smells like poopy diapers, kitchen trash, even morning breath may be impossible to​ totally avoid, but try your best to​ avoid smelly situations.

Have someone else take out the​ trash. Have hubby change your toddler when he's home. It's the​ least he can do!

And don't be shy about telling someone who has bad breath, noxious perfume or​ cigarette smells on them that you're in​ a​ delicate condition and​ need some fresh air. During my pregnancies, my husband had to​ switch to​ unscented deodorant and​ soap, otherwise I couldn't hug him!

If cooking smells make you ill, take a​ break from your usual garlic and​ onion specialties. Don't be a​ martyr. Hubby will understand that you can't make his favorite sausage and​ peppers for​ a​ while.

Prepare meals that won't stink up the​ kitchen. Green main dish salads with cold, cut up chicken, steak or​ hard boiled eggs. Sandwiches are good too.

5) Try Aromatherapy

Put a​ couple of​ drops of​ lavender, mint or​ lemon essential oil (these oils are generally regarded as​ safe to​ use during pregnancy) on cotton balls and​ keep these in​ various locations... the​ kitchen, bathroom, your purse and​ in​ the​ car. Take a​ whiff when you feel sick. Put a​ few drops on your pillow.

6) Take it​ easy- but don't forget exercise

I know, I know... exercise is​ the​ last thing you want to​ do when you can hardly get your face out of​ the​ toilet! But if​ you force yourself to​ take even a​ ten minute walk outside every day, it​ WILL help.

But do try to​ take it​ easy, avoid stress as​ much as​ possible, and​ rest as​ much as​ you can. You're doing the​ very important job of​ growing a​ baby. Explain to​ your other children why you're feeling poorly and​ that it​ won't last forever. Call in​ favors and​ ask friends to​ come over to​ play with your 2 year old for​ an​ hour so you can sleep, or​ ask them to​ cook extra when they make dinner tonight and​ bring you a​ dish.

When you feel a​ bout of​ nausea coming on, try to​ lay down for​ a​ few minutes in​ a​ dark room with your eyes closed. Sometimes if​ you do this the​ episode will pass.

7) Focus on the​ positive

Sometimes when you're so miserable it's easy to​ forget what's making you so sick! Remember that statistically, women who experience nausea and​ vomiting of​ pregnancy are more likely to​ carry the​ pregnancy to​ term.

One of​ my midwives told me that she always worries when a​ Mom comes in​ for​ her first prenatal feeling wonderful...the chances of​ her miscarrying are higher.

So rejoice in​ your strong hormones! Read pregnancy magazines, birth stories on the​ Internet, look through maternity clothing catalogs, do whatever you need to​ do to​ cheer yourself up and​ get yourself in​ the​ mood for​ a​ new baby.

8) More Misc. Tips

Try eating candied ginger or​ sipping ginger tea. I found ginger in​ capsules to​ be too harsh and​ they hurt terribly if​ they did come back up.

Brewer's yeast capsules work for​ some Moms.

Try sucking on lemon slices when you're feeling a​ wave of​ nausea.

Sip mint tea or​ chew mint gum to​ help dry up excessive salivating that may trigger nausea.

If you have trouble brushing your teeth due to​ an​ overactive gag reflex, switch to​ using baking soda for​ awhile. the​ foaming of​ regular toothpaste may be too much. and​ brush your teeth in​ shifts if​ you need to... first the​ top teeth, then a​ few minutes later the​ bottom teeth, then your tongue, etc.

Avoid getting overheated or​ chilled. Extremes in​ temperature can trigger vomiting.

Try Sea-Bands, available at​ large drug stores. They're designed for​ motion sickness but helps some pregnant women.

Go with your cravings, within reason. for​ some reason, pizza and​ Taco Bell always hit the​ spot during my pregnancies.

Clean the​ toilet daily, even if​ it's the​ only household chore you can do right now. Better yet, have someone else do it. and​ wear your hair up for​ awhile. if​ you're going to​ be throwing up, at​ least you will have your hair out of​ the​ way and​ a​ clean bowl to​ hug!

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