Mormon Videos No Longer On The Sidelines

Though the​ Church of​ Jesus Christ of​ Latter-day Saints ('the Mormon Church') currently has 13 million members worldwide, it​ remains one of​ the​ most misunderstood religions. With the​ growth of​ the​ Internet, many common misperceptions have been perpetuated as​ inaccurate information has often been forth by critics of​ the​ Mormon faith.

As a​ result, Elder M. Russell Ballard, one of​ the​ twelve apostles of​ the​ Church of​ Jesus Christ of​ Latter-day Saints, recently encouraged members to​ join the​ conversation online. Instead of​ simply allowing others to​ define the​ beliefs of​ the​ Church, he stated that members of​ the​ faith should step forward to​ answer questions online. "We cannot stand on the​ sidelines while others, including our critics, attempt to​ define what the​ Church teaches," he said.

Ballard continued by specifically mentioning the​ use of​ 'new media' as​ a​ way to​ share views. With the​ rapid growth of​ online video, video-sharing websites like Youtube have become a​ central place of​ discussion concerning the​ Mormon Church. Though many videos, including some of​ the​ most popular, do not accurately portray Mormon beliefs or​ history, a​ dramatic shift appears to​ be underway as​ members of​ the​ Church of​ Jesus Christ of​ Latter-day Saints are increasingly becoming involved in​ the​ online discussion.

For example, one Youtube user 'lds9999' remarks on his profile, "I am here on Youtube because I believe in​ spreading truth, making available positive resources, and​ helping people understand what members of​ the​ Church of​ Jesus Christ of​ Latter-day Saints believe." a​ similar message is​ echoed on hundreds of​ similar Youtube channels by other members of​ the​ Mormon Church.

Recently, the​ Mormon Church was again brought into the​ spotlight as​ Mitt Romney, a​ Mormon, ran for​ the​ presidency of​ the​ United States. Romney's faith became a​ target from both secular and​ religious groups. Speaking about this issue, Mormon sociologist Armand Mauss said, "I think there is​ going to​ be a​ wholesale reconsideration with how Mormons should deal with the​ latent and​ overt anti-Mormon propaganda. I don't think the​ Mormons are ever again going to​ sorrowfully turn away and​ close the​ door and​ just keep out of​ the​ fray."

With nearly 20,000 videos about the​ Mormon Church currently on Youtube, and​ dozens more added each day, this online venue appears to​ be attracting the​ interest of​ Mormons and​ millions of​ others around the​ globe.
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