Monitoring The International Web

Monitoring The International Web

One of​ the​ top website monitoring services in​ the​ world has announced that it's industry-leading network and​ website monitoring services can now be accessed in​ French, Spanish and​ German, as​ well as​ in​ the​ original English. Why this sudden interest in​ other languages?

"Many people in​ the​ English-speaking world think there is​ only one Internet – the​ English Internet," says Vadim Mazo, Chief Technology Officer for​ Dotcom-Monitor. "But there are vibrant communities popping up all over the​ world, each fully functional in​ its own language. and​ people in​ every country expect to​ be served as​ much as​ possible in​ their own language.

Dotcom-Monitor has recently expanded its services, which include website monitoring, network monitoring and​ load testing, into three new world languages:

  • French is​ a​ major language in​ three European countries, parts of​ Canada and​ several smaller countries in​ the​ world.
  • Spanish is​ spoken in​ most of​ the​ eastern hemisphere, even in​ increasing numbers in​ the​ United States.
  • German is​ the​ business powerhouse language of​ Europe.

Mr. Mazo believes that every company needs to​ speak the​ language of​ its customers, and​ these are the​ languages that major Internet-using businesses are speaking.

An International Website Monitoring Network

To support these efforts, Dotcom-Monitor added a​ new station recently at​ Frankfurt to​ its monitoring network. it​ now has nine website monitoring stations around the​ world, including China, the​ United Kingdom, Canada and​ the​ USA, with more on the​ way. Details about the​ Dotcom-Monitor network are available at:

  • The French language monitoring website can be accessed at​ Surveillance de sites et de services web, et de réseaux informatiques.
  • The Spanish language monitoring website can be accessed at​ monitorización de red y servadores web.
  • The German language monitoring website can be accessed at​ Netzwerk für Webseiten überwachung und Netzwerküberwachung

Remote website monitoring helps owners respond quickly to​ emergencies (such as​ pages loading sluggishly or​ script failures), as​ well as​ to​ make long-term plans to​ accommodate growing traffic. for​ example, it​ is​ estimated that $20 to​ $40 billion is​ lost each year from users who abandon slow loading websites, and​ the​ smart owner wants to​ avoid that problem before it​ happens, regardless of​ what language he speaks.

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