Money Saving Ideas

Money-Saving Ideas
Good news: Consumers can save nearly $3 billion a​ year just by using coupons when shopping .​
According to​ the​ Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council,​ spending just 20 minutes per week clipping coupons can save you up to​ $1,​000 per year .​
It's easy .​
Over 85 percent of​ all coupons issued in​ the​ U.S .​
are found in​ Sunday papers .​
And it's popular .​
Seventy-six percent of​ Americans are already coupon users.
The following tips can also help you on​ your way to​ becoming a​ savvy coupon clipper:
Finding Coupons:
• Look in​ the​ store .​
You'll find coupons in​ retailers' advertising flyers,​ on​ the​ shelf,​ at​ kiosks,​ even at​ the​ checkout .​
Turn your register receipt over-sometimes there will be coupons there,​ too .​
• Try samples offered in​ the​ store and you'll often be offered a​ coupon to​ take home a​ package of​ the​ products.
• Check product packages .​
Your favorite brands want to​ keep you loyal,​ so you'll often find coupons on​ or​ in​ the​ package.
• Look on​ the​ Internet .​
There are coupon sites where you can print coupons and find providers who will e-mail you coupons .​
a​ product manufacturer's Web site may offer coupons for brands you love .​
Check the​ store's Web site too .​
Be cautious online,​ however,​ of​ someone offering to​ sell you coupons...there's no need to​ buy them when there are so many available free.
Using Coupons:
• Organize your coupons in​ the​ order that you shop the​ store to​ save time and make sure you use them all.
• Make coupon-clipping a​ family affair--it can be a​ great math and savings lesson for the​ kids .​
Involve them in​ the​ process and let them earn coupon savings money.
• Use coupons with shorter expiration dates first.
• Shop on​ double or​ triple coupon days and use manufacturers' rebates to​ realize additional savings.

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