Money And Time Saving Tips For Dvd Replication

Money and time saving tips for DVD replication
Most people might think that all DVDs are created equal,​ so why not find the​ cheapest place you can find? the​ truth is,​ not all DVDs are created equal .​
Never ever just go for the​ company with the​ lowest price quote .​
It cannot be more wrong .​
The list below serves as​ a​ guide on​ how to​ find professional duplication / replication services at​ a​ reasonable price .​
1 .​
By doing the​ authoring,​ package design,​ duplication / replication in​ one place,​ you can negotiate a​ packaged deal,​ which will in​ turn save money .​
Keeping it​ all in​ one place will also cut down significant time in​ shipping and communication back and forth.
2 .​
Get referrals on​ services:
when you are in​ a​ time-crunch,​ the​ tendency is​ to​ go with the​ first or​ cheapest company that you can find .​
Ask around for referrals because with time and financial constraint,​ you have less room to​ risk for errors.
3 .​
Go local:
Working with a​ company cross country can be quite frustrating because of​ time zones and shipping times .​
In a​ time-critical job,​ it's better to​ work with a​ local company who you can contact and meet face-to-face .​
Any problems can be resolved faster if​ you are just a​ few miles away .​
Keep in​ mind that most replication quotes do not include shipping time and charge .​
4 .​
Trust the​ pros:
It might save you a​ few hundred dollars to​ author the​ DVD yourself,​ or​ have your roommate do it .​
Keep in​ mind that professional authoring houses and replicators do this day in​ and day out,​ what they can do in​ a​ few days without errors may take you longer to​ complete .​
a​ DVD not properly authored causes more damages than the​ money you save .​
This might be the​ worst decision you can make in​ order to​ save money.
5 .​
The artist's touch:
Find someone trustworthy with print experience to​ design your packaging may make all the​ difference in​ retail sales .​
It is​ the​ first thing customers see even before opening the​ DVD .​
Make your product stand out among all the​ competitors .​
The payoff will definitely be worth the​ cost .​
Also remember that a​ web design may not do well in​ print and vice versa.
6 .​
Proof again and again:
It takes time whenever changes are to​ be made to​ the​ master and artwork when it​ is​ already in​ production .​
Printers often charge for additional print proofs and additional stamper is​ needed if​ a​ problem is​ found in​ check disc .​
Either case it​ delays the​ schedule and increases the​ overall project cost .​
So do yourself a​ big favor,​ before you send everything off to​ the​ replicator,​ check all materials thoroughly.

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