Moisturizers How To Quench Your Dry Skins Thirst

Moisturizers How To Quench Your Dry Skins Thirst

Moisturizers How to​ Quench Your Dry Skins Thirst
Moisturizers an​ Important Ingredient in​ Your Daily Skin Care Routine
If you​ have dry skin or​ maybe winter has left your skin itchy,​ dry and​ flaky,​ a​ moisturizer can help . ​
as​ you​ probably know,​ the​ top layer of​ skin is​ dead,​ and​ the​ layers below supply it​ with the​ moisture water,​ oils and​ salt that it​ needs . ​
Moisture is​ constantly lost through evaporation even under the​ best conditions . ​
When you​ bring in​ winter winds,​ low humidity,​ and​ dry indoor heat the​ skins water loss is​ greatly increased . ​
That is​ why moisturizers applied to​ the​ skin play such an​ important role . ​

There are two types of​ moisturizers
Emollients These work very much like your skins natural oils by forming an​ oily barrier on​ the​ skins surface that seals in​ some of​ the​ moisture and​ blocks evaporation . ​

Humectants These attract and​ hold water on​ your skins surface . ​

Which moisturizer is​ best for​ you​ depends on​ your skin type,​ and​ the​ ingredients in​ the​ moisturizer . ​
And,​ most times,​ it​ has very little to​ do with expense . ​
Its a​ choice that you​ make after evaluating all factors . ​
in​ fact,​ there have been studies which concluded the​ most effective moisturizers were the​ least expensive ones . ​

One thing to​ consider is​ this the​ simpler,​ the​ better . ​
the​ more ingredients in​ a​ moisturizer you​ use on​ your skin,​ such as,​ perfumes,​ emulsifiers,​ coloring,​ thickeners,​ etc . ​
,​ the​ greater the​ chance you​ will have some kind of​ allergic reaction if​ your skin is​ sensitive . ​

Preserve Your Skins Moisture Tips and​ Suggestions
Use warm water as​ opposed to​ hot for​ bathing or​ showering,​ and​ limit the​ time spent to​ 10 to​ 15 minutes a​ day . ​
Use mild soaps which you​ dilute with water before applying to​ your skin . ​
Excessive bathing,​ especially in​ hot water,​ and​ the​ use of​ strong soaps wash away the​ natural oils that are there to​ help keep water in​ the​ skin . ​

If you​ bathe rather than shower,​ use a​ little bath oil in​ the​ water . ​

Apply a​ moisturizer to​ the​ skin all over your body immediately after bathing or​ showering . ​
in​ this way,​ the​ skins moisture is​ sealed in​ . ​
Apply light films of​ moisturizer rather than one heavy coating . ​

Dry hand thoroughly after washing . ​
Apply a​ good hand cream . ​

Give elbows and​ knees special attention during winter months . ​
Exfoliate gently with a​ natural luffa sponge,​ and​ apply a​ moisturing cream . ​

Always wear gloves in​ cold weather to​ limit the​ evaporation of​ moisture from your hands . ​

In cold weather,​ cover your face with a​ scarf or​ possibly a​ ski mask . ​

Protect lips with a​ lip balm when out in​ the​ winter months . ​
Avoid licking them which causes chapping and​ cracking . ​

Eat a​ nourishing,​ wellbalanced diet for​ your inner as​ well as​ outer health . ​

Drink 810 glasses a​ water a​ day . ​
Drinking adequate water on​ a​ daily basis is​ also important for​ glowing,​ healthy,​ moisturized skin . ​

Follow these steps and​ youll be able to​ watch your skin improve . ​

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