Mobility Scooters Insurance

Mobility Scooters Insurance

Mobility scooters insurance
Mobility Scooter Insurance
Current legislations state that there is​ no requirement for a​ user of​ a​ mobility scooter to​ hold adequate insurance,​ unlike car users who are legally required to​ hold adequate insurance. However,​ users should give careful consideration to​ taking out at​ least third party insurance to​ cover any potential claims that could be made should the​ user cause injury of​ damage to​ persons or​ property. as​ these claims can often run to​ ten of​ thousands of​ pounds if​ not more,​ plus any legal costs which are incurred. Consideration should also be given to​ taking our adequate insurance to​ cover the​ scooter itself. a​ new scooter can cost hundreds of​ pounds and insuring it​ against damage,​ theft etc could be a​ financial sound decision.
The DVLA make the​ following comments with reference to​ mobility scooter insurance
Although it​ is​ not a​ legal requirement,​ it​ is​ strongly advised to​ have insurance. Suitable schemes are not too expensive and are available to​ cover your personal safety,​ other people’s safety and the​ value of​ the​ vehicle.
As discussed previously the​ insurance can be divided into two areas; the​ Scooter itself and Third parties people and property
Insuring the​ Scooter
The cover for the​ scooter usually protects you​ against the​ cost of​ repairs to,​ or​ replacement of​ the​ mobility product in​ the​ event of​ an accident. Some policies also cover or​ will pay towards the​ recovery costs of​ getting you​ and your mobility product home following an accident or​ breakdown. Users should check to​ see the​ level of​ cover being offered on​ the​ policy.
Third Party Insurance
If you​ accidentally hit anyone or​ anyone’s property and you​ are sued for negligence the​ insurance should pay for your defence and the​ resultant damages if​ you​ are found to​ be negligent. Such claims can be very expensive and insurance to​ cover legal costs and law suites would be very worth while. Such situation could include hitting a​ pedestrian,​ crashing onto a​ car,​ or​ causing an accident through negligent driving.
It is​ worth while holding adequate insurance to​ cover your scooter and any potential third party claims against you​ should any accidents occur. Shop around to​ ensure you​ receive a​ good quote which offers adequate cover.

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