Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Wholesaling Business

Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Wholesaling Business

No matter if​ you’ve been in​ business for ten years or​ ten days,​ the​ reasons why most businesses fail are the​ same: failing to​ research your niche,​ determining demand,​ not having an​ updated business plan in​ place,​ and not asking for help when you need it. This short piece will discuss these important facets to​ ensure your wholesaling business is​ a​ smashing success.

Do You Know Who Wants Your Products or​ Services?
Most successful business owners can tell you exactly who their target market is​ at​ any given moment,​ and why they should purchase from them. They also understand how to​ sell their product in​ one or​ two sentences,​ buying into the​ current trend that less is​ more.

Let’s use an​ example to​ demonstrate my point. if​ your business was showcased on​ a​ major network television program,​ you are given perhaps 5 seconds to​ share with the​ audience exactly what it​ is​ you do.

"And now,​ next on​ the​ Evening News"

What one or​ two lines would you want the​ announcer to​ say about your wholesale products? if​ nothing comes to​ mind,​ look at​ your niche,​ your customers,​ and what benefits you provide them with. Then craft your marketing sentence to​ accommodate all of​ these things so that you can rattle it​ off at​ a​ moment’s notice to​ anyone who asks.

Do You Have a​ Business Plan? When Was the​ Last Time You Updated it?
Things change. Markets evolve. Customers demand newer,​ flashier,​ cheaper,​ better products. Does your business plan reflect this?

You never know when you’ll need a​ capital loan from the​ bank,​ or​ extra cash to​ keep up with the​ sudden demand for one of​ your products that was mentioned on​ Oprah. Make sure that you are prepared to​ use your business plan at​ any time,​ with anyone,​ by scheduling time to​ update it​ on​ a​ yearly basis.

If Challenged,​ Do You Know Who to​ Call?
Maybe your business starts to​ grow faster than you anticipated,​ or​ you are looking to​ purchase some new equipment. Perhaps staffing is​ your issue,​ or​ customers aren’t knocking on​ your door as​ they have in​ years past. Whatever your issue,​ sometimes talking to​ a​ colleague,​ professional or​ business counselor is​ required. But do you have a​ list of​ these kinds of​ people at​ your fingertips to​ call when needed?

If you don’t,​ talk to​ your local Chamber of​ Commerce for names of​ local business owners that may be willing to​ speak with you regarding your wholesaling concerns. You can also contact SCORE,​ a​ non-profit business advising organization (and it’s counterpart in​ the​ UK),​ or​ a​ networking group created specifically for this purpose.

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