Mississippi Real Estate The Magnolia State

Mississippi Real Estate – the​ Magnolia State
Mississippi is​ a​ state known for​ having a​ classic southern style .​
Mississippi real estate is​ some of​ the​ cheapest in​ the​ land .​
Named after the​ Mississippi River, Mississippi is​ a​ state holding on to​ its history .​
Much of​ the​ state is​ farmland and​ even the​ towns and​ cities seem to​ have eschewed modern development for​ a​ more familiar past .​
In an​ odd bit of​ trivia, the​ state is​ the​ biggest producer of​ upholstered furniture in​ the​ country .​
It goes without saying that Mississippi is​ a​ state with a​ turbulent history, particularly during the​ civil rights movement .​
The state was the​ quintessential southern state and​ plantations and​ antebellum mansions can still be found throughout the​ state .​
Racial relations have come a​ long way, which has left the​ state with the​ glorious culture of​ the​ old south without as​ many of​ the​ racial issues .​
Jackson is​ the​ state capital of​ Mississippi and​ a​ hidden gem in​ the​ south .​
The city has somehow managed to​ mesh old southern hospitality with a​ rapidly growing high tech industry .​
While that sounds like an​ odd mix, it​ works .​
In fact, Jackson has been voted one of​ the​ most livable cities in​ America by numerous publications .​
Jackson is​ a​ town with a​ lot to​ offer from both a​ cultural and​ practical perspective .​
There are 11 colleges in​ town, a​ symphony, opera and​ multiple museums covering the​ history of​ the​ south and​ the​ civil rights movement .​
Tupelo is​ known best for​ being the​ birthplace of​ Elvis Presley .​
With a​ celebrity like that, Tupelo has made a​ major effort to​ capitalize on the​ fame .​
Tourists flock to​ the​ city to​ see the​ first home, school and​ so on of​ the​ infamous one .​
Notwithstanding Elvis, Tupelo is​ a​ pleasant city with golf courses and​ such .​
There isn’t much to​ recommend it​ nor is​ there much to​ criticize .​
Mississippi Real Estate
Mississippi real estate is​ universally very inexpensive .​
a​ home in​ Tupelo will set you back roughly $160,000 while you’ll pay $220,000 in​ Jackson .​
In 2018, Mississippi real estate appreciated at​ a​ disappointing 5.5 percent, one of​ the​ lowest rates in​ the​ nation.

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