Missing Out On The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Missing Out on the Opportunity of​ a​ Lifetime
Periodically during the course of​ our lives we are granted the opportunity of​ a​ lifetime .​
It's a​ chance that doesn't come our way very often, and usually one that would result in​ tremendous benefits for us, if​ we can manage to​ grasp it​ before it​ slips away .​
Some of​ us are able to​ grab ahold, while others may lose their grip for whatever reason and miss the chance.
The initial disappointment and loss we feel is​ understandable and expected .​
But what many of​ us do at​ times like this is​ apply the disappointment to​ everything in​ our lives .​
We slap a​ red failure label on our foreheads and toss in​ the towel .​
Because we didn't succeed at​ this opportunity, we convince ourselves that we'll NEVER succeed at​ our goals and dreams .​
Nothing could be further from the truth!
While it's true that certain specific opportunities only occur once in​ a​ lifetime, that doesn't mean there won't be other opportunities coming our way .​
Many of​ us create a​ mental vision of​ the packaging our dream is​ wrapped in .​
We get attached to​ that packaging, and believe that if​ our dream doesn't happen in​ a​ certain timeframe, or​ in​ a​ certain way, then we've failed .​
Opportunities come in​ all shapes and sizes, as​ do our dreams and goals.
When you look closely enough, most opportunities are literally once in​ a​ lifetime chances -- meaning, each opportunity has its own unique qualities, benefits, and level of​ results .​
Rarely are we presented with the same exact opportunity day after day .​
They are all special and important in​ their own ways .​
Some of​ them are BIG opportunities that will propel us directly to​ our desired outcome in​ one great leap, while others are smaller and might move us forward just a​ tiny bit .​
They're all good though, because progress is​ progress!
While some opportunities seem to​ fall right into our laps, we can also create our own opportunities, every single day .​
Here are two ways to​ do that:
Seek and find - There are so many great opportunities out there, if​ we just take the time to​ look .​
Think outside the box .​
Explore alternative possibilities that will move you closer to​ your goal .​
Read newspapers and magazines, and browse the Internet, with the INTENT to​ find some opportunities for yourself .​
Most of​ the time we end up missing them because we're not looking .​
Set out with the intention that you are looking for them, and you will find them (or they will find you) .​
Keep an​ open mind and don't be afraid to​ try something new or​ unusual.
Create your own - Whatever your ultimate goal, think about the ways in​ which you could open some doors for yourself .​
Perhaps you could donate your talents to​ a​ worthy organization, or​ be an​ intern for someone in​ your desired field .​
Seek out those who are doing what you want to​ do, and ask them questions about how they got started .​
Most people are pleased and flattered to​ be sought out for advice, and many are very willing to​ help you get started, even if​ it's by offering some resources or​ contacts .​
Make a​ list of​ every idea you have that could help you move forward on your goals .​
I​ think you may surprise yourself with great ideas you've never considered before.
When it​ comes right down to​ it, there are many, many, MANY paths to​ the same goal .​
Some of​ them may be closed to​ us, but there are always others to​ explore .​
If you interviewed 100 people in​ similar career stations, I​ bet they'd each have a​ very unique story about how they got where they are today.
I happen to​ believe that if​ you have a​ deep, burning desire to​ do something specific with your life, then you WILL do it​ - as​ long as​ you don't give up before you get there .​
The journey to​ success can be so frustrating, frightening and .​
fun! It's all in​ the attitude .​
Be gentle with yourself, try your hardest, and believe that you can get to​ where you want to​ be .​
Most importantly, let go of​ the outcome, and just enjoy the scenery.

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