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Help With Finding Your Missing Dogs
Those who love animals and have pets will find that they are missing their beloved friend at​ least a​ few times over the​ course of​ their lifetime .​
This is​ never pleasant,​ and some pets never come home .​
When dogs would go missing in​ the​ past,​ flyers and word of​ mouth were the​ only common ways that people had to​ alert others that their dog was missing .​
Today,​ however,​ that are many great ways to​ get the​ word out about missing dogs,​ and some of​ them are rather unique.
You can still use flyers when you​ have missing dogs,​ of​ course,​ and they can be the​ reason why your pet is​ found and brought home .​
Always find the​ best and clearest picture you​ have of​ your pet,​ and make the​ picture prominent on​ the​ flyer .​
Make sure you​ have your pets name on​ the​ flyer,​ any identifying features or​ colorings,​ and a​ number where someone may reach you​ if​ they think they have found your missing dogs .​
If you​ have tabs at​ the​ bottom that someone can rip off,​ they won’t have to​ write down or​ memorize your number when they see the​ flyer.
One unique way to​ find missing dogs is​ to​ do so on​ MySpace .​
This does not mean that you​ mention you​ have a​ missing dog on​ your page,​ though that is​ not a​ bad idea .​
I​ have seen a​ few people who have made a​ page devoted to​ their missing pet that states they are missing,​ for how long,​ and what someone can do when they see the​ pet .​
The best part about this is​ that you​ can have many pictures of​ the​ missing dogs,​ and you​ can get out friend requests to​ everyone in​ your town rather easily .​
Those that use Myspace will be aware that your pet is​ missing.
The best thing you​ can do is​ to​ be sure you​ have safeguards in​ place in​ the​ event that you​ find you​ have missing dogs .​
This means taking advantage of​ the​ latest technology to​ keep your pet safe .​
You may not be able to​ stop them from running off,​ but you​ can sure that they are easier to​ find .​
There are chips you​ can get implanted in​ your dogs or​ cats .​
When they show up at​ a​ vets office or​ in​ a​ shelter,​ those chips will tell all the​ information needed to​ make sure missing dogs and cats are brought home to​ the​ proper place,​ and that they will never be adopted out or​ put to​ sleep.

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