Minnesota Casinos

Minnesota Casinos

Minnesota casinos are located in​ the​ "Land of​ 10,​000 Lakes,​" a​ Northern state known for its natural beauty,​ cultural attractions,​ and a​ prosperous economy. Minnesota,​ ranked as​ the​ "Most Livable State" in​ the​ United States,​ has a​ population of​ over 5,​000,​000 people and an​ area of​ 79,​610 square miles. the​ capital of​ Minnesota,​ St. Paul,​ with a​ population of​ approximately 280,​000,​ is​ located adjacent to​ Minneapolis on​ the​ Mississippi River. the​ two cities are often referred to​ as​ the​ "Twin Cities" of​ Minnesota.

There are a​ number of​ Minnesota casinos scattered throughout the​ state,​ either located on​ Native American Tribal land or​ under Native American jurisdiction. Minnesota has 22 tribal-state regulations for Minnesota casinos,​ which allow blackjack,​ slots,​ craps,​ and other video gaming machines,​ while separate tribal agreements allow poker and bingo. the​ Mystic Lake Casino,​ in​ Prior Lake,​ is​ the​ largest in​ Minnesota,​ with 125,​000 square feet,​ 4,​000 slots,​ 84 table games,​ four restaurants,​ and a​ hotel. the​ Treasure Island Resort and Casino,​ in​ Welch,​ is​ another large casino,​ with 116,​000 square feet of​ gambling area,​ 2,​500 slots,​ 44 table games,​ seven restaurants,​ and a​ small hotel.

Another popular Minnesota casino is​ Jackpot Junction,​ in​ Morton,​ with 80,​000 square feet,​ 1,​650 slots,​ 28 table games,​ with blackjack and poker,​ as​ well as​ nine restaurants and two hotels. in​ addition,​ Minnesota casinos include the​ Grand Casino Hinckley,​ with 54,​800 square feet,​ 2,​170 slots,​ 47 table games,​ six restaurants,​ and four hotels; and the​ Grande Casino Mille Lacs,​ in​ Onamia,​ with 54,​800 square feet,​ 1,​885 slots,​ 24 table games,​ five restaurants,​ and two hotels.

Some of​ the​ smaller Minnesota casinos include the​ Fortune Bay Resort Casino,​ in​ Tower,​ with 50,​000 square feet,​ 686 slots,​ and 12 table games; the​ Northern Lights Casino,​ in​ Walker,​ with 40,​000 square feet,​ 950 slots,​ and 12 table games; and the​ Fond-du-Luth Casino,​ in​ Duluth,​ with 20,​000 square feet,​ 745 slots,​ and four table games. the​ Prairie Edge Casino Resort,​ a​ smaller casino in​ Granite Falls,​ has 27,​000 square feet,​ 660 slots,​ and six table games.

Minnesota casinos do not provide any revenue in​ the​ form of​ taxes to​ the​ state of​ Minnesota. There are some fees,​ however,​ that compensate the​ state to​ some extent for inspections and other items in​ the​ tribal agreements. Minnesota is​ rich in​ natural attractions,​ a​ land of​ "sky-tinted" waters,​ with an​ economy that might be well be enhanced with the​ expansion and introduction of​ more casinos in​ the​ future.

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