Ministry Sends Prayers To Hurricane Survivors

Ministry Sends Prayers To Hurricane Survivors

People throughout the​ country are struggling with how to​ handle the​ powerful emotions evoked by the​ scenes of​ destruction in​ the​ aftermath of​ the​ recent hurricanes.

Silent Unity, one of​ the​ world's oldest and​ largest prayer ministries, began receiving prayer requests for​ people in​ the​ path of​ the​ hurricanes as​ soon as​ the​ news coverage mentioned the​ approaches of​ the​ huge storms.

Here is​ one such request, shared by Silent Unity with the​ writer's permission:

What can I do? I can't even find the​ right words to​ say in​ a​ prayer because so many lives have been lost and​ so many people are in​ need of​ help. it​ seems like any words I could pray are not enough to​ really help in​ such an​ overwhelming situation.

We understand your feelings. Many people are seeking reassurance and​ an​ affirmation that God is​ present in​ the​ situation, regardless of​ how dire it​ appears at​ the​ moment. We invite you to​ keep the​ faith for​ all those affected by the​ hurricanes by affirming the​ following:

* We affirm peace, protection, healing and​ divine order;

* the​ love of​ God comforts and​ soothes you;

* the​ light of​ God guides you and​ keeps you safe;

* the​ life of​ God heals and​ renews you;

* the​ power of​ God works through you to​ restore order and​ rebuild your life;

* you are sustained in​ body, mind and​ spirit by the​ ever-renewing presence of​ God.

Silent Unity has been praying with people of​ all faiths for​ more than 100 years. Its 300 employees respond to​ each request for​ prayer support with reverence and​ complete confidentiality.

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