Mini Storage Auctions What You Need To Know

Mini Storage Auctions: What You Need to​ Know
Are you looking to​ use mini storage auctions as​ a​ way to​ make money? if​ so, will this be your first time attending an​ auction? if​ yes, please continue reading on for​ a​ few helpful and​ important tips, which can help you walk away happy.
Public storage auctions are a​ great way to​ make money .​
Depending on the​ auction in​ question, you either bid on sealed bins or​ whole storage bays .​
You are essentially making a​ wholesale purchase .​
You are offering to​ pay one set amount for​ a​ lot of​ merchandise .​
This is​ where you can make money, as​ some of​ those items may be valuable or​ sellable.
Despite the​ fact that you can make money with mini storage auctions, doing so can be risky .​
a​ wide range of​ items are stored inside these units .​
These items may include clothing, furniture, books, movies, toys, home décor, household appliances, and​ jewelry .​
There are also people who store their old financial documents and​ family photographs .​
You don’t always get to​ physically inspect everything, so there is​ some risk involved.
As previously stated, you may not get to​ physically inspect all items up for​ auction, but you can get a​ close look .​
for​ that reason, arrive early .​
You should arrive no later than ten minutes before a​ public storage auction is​ scheduled to​ start .​

When scanning a​ storage bay that has merchandise available for​ sale, look for​ large items that are easy to​ see, like furniture .​
What type are they? Are they modern, cheap, or​ antique looking? This can help you guess as​ to​ what else is​ inside .​
Cheap furniture, like furniture that looks like it​ came from Wal-Mart, may be a​ sign that the​ rest of​ the​ items are cheap as​ well .​
of​ course, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor in​ quality.
If you intend to​ bid, as​ opposed to​ just watching how an​ auction works, bring cash .​
Most only accept it .​
Rarely, will you find an​ auction where credit cards and​ checks are accepted .​
Do not plan on running to​ the​ bank real quick, as​ you may be required to​ make payment right away .​
Speaking of​ attending an​ auction as​ a​ viewer, you may want to​ do so .​
This will give you a​ firsthand look at​ how these auctions operate.
It is​ also important to​ know that public storage auctions can be cancelled and​ sometimes at​ the​ last minute .​
if​ you are traveling far, like an​ hour or​ more, to​ attend an​ auction, call ahead .​
Call right before you leave .​
Those with unpaid storage bills are likely to​ make good on their payment once they realize their belongings really will be sold .​
This may result in​ the​ cancellation of​ a​ scheduled auction.
Storage auctions are popular .​
Many people see them as​ a​ cheap way to​ get stuff for​ their homes and​ many more see them as​ a​ way to​ make money .​
That is​ why you will want to​ arrive early .​
You also need to​ be prepared to​ shout out your bids and​ face some competition .​
if​ you are shy or​ nervous about doing so, bring someone along who isn’t .​
This is​ key to​ walking away a​ winner at​ a​ mini storage auction.
Finally, know that not all storage auctions are worth your time .​
You will want to​ call ahead and​ ask questions, like how much is​ being auctioned off .​
if​ only one or​ two storage bays are up for​ auction, you can still attend, but you may not want to​ travel far too do so .​
Your travel expenses may be too high and​ not worth it​ in​ the​ end.
As previously stated, public storage auctions are a​ great way to​ make money, but there is​ some risk involved .​
You will not always drive away with a​ truck filled with valuables that can be resold for​ a​ huge profit .​
However, the​ more storage auctions you attend and​ the​ more bids you place, the​ better your chances are for​ walking away with a​ profit.

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