Mini Storage Auctions Tips To Know What You Get

Mini Storage Auctions: Tips to​ Know What You Get
Do you want to​ use mini storage auctions as​ a​ way to​ make money? if​ so, you need to​ walk away with items that can be resold for​ a​ profit .​
Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to​ do .​
There is​ good news though .​
With a​ small amount of​ investigative work on your part, you can increase your chances of​ buying items that you can resell for​ a​ profit.
Most importantly, choose your auctions wisely .​
Many will outright state in​ newspaper classified ads if​ they are selling sealed bins .​
Sealed bins mean you do not get to​ see what is​ inside, usually you aren’t even given a​ peek .​
However, some storage companies auction off whole storage bays .​
These bays are usually open when you arrive .​
Although you may not be able to​ step inside and​ look around, you can get a​ good idea of​ what you would be buying just by standing outside.
First and​ foremost, look for​ name brands .​
You may assume this is​ difficult as​ most clothes are packed away .​
Remember that furniture and​ household appliances have name brands as​ well .​
Do you see a​ vacuum? is​ it​ a​ brand you don’t recognize or​ a​ Dyson? Dyson vacuum cleaners can fetch up to​ $500 or​ more when new!
In addition to​ outright being able to​ profit from the​ resale of​ name brand products, you can also use them to​ estimate the​ other contents inside, especially those in​ boxes .​
Someone who purchases a​ Dyson vacuum cleaner tends to​ concentrate more on quality than costs .​
Quality products, especially those in​ good shape, usually generate the​ biggest profits when resold.
When using self-storage unit auctions to​ make money, you are typically told to​ avoid personal items, but you can also use them to​ your advantage .​
Do you see a​ wedding dress or​ a​ tuxedo hanging in​ the​ unit? These two items are nice because they can be sold if​ in​ good condition, but it​ is​ also a​ sign .​
You may have found someone who likes to​ save their family treasures, some of​ which could be valuable.
Many will also recommend avoiding storage units that are filled with boxes .​
Yes, they can be risky, but there are a​ few signs that you can and​ should look for​ .​
Are the​ boxes small or​ large in​ size? Smaller boxes are likely to​ hold family photographs and​ important financial documents, but they can also house jewelry and​ other small valuables .​
Look for​ boxes with moving company names and​ logos.
If you can get a​ good view of​ the​ boxes inside the​ unit, examine their seals .​
Have the​ boxes been left taped? if​ so, it​ is​ a​ sign that the​ items inside were not needed .​
This may signify a​ situation where two households were combined into one .​
as​ for​ boxes that are opened and​ then resealed, use your best judgment .​
the​ opening and​ resealing may signify need .​
In these types of​ boxes, you are more likely to​ find financial documents than valuables.
You will also want to​ rely heavily on your best judgment .​
In situations that involve a​ small amount of​ risk, like bidding at​ a​ public storage auction, your gut instincts can tell you a​ lot .​
if​ you suspect that you may walk away from an​ auction feeling disappointed, hold off on bidding .​
as​ the​ economy struggles, more consumers are falling behind on their bills .​
as​ unfortunate as​ this is, it​ means that you should have many more chances to​ walk away a​ winner at​ a​ mini storage auction.
The above mentioned points are all points that you will want to​ take into consideration .​
Unless you are bidding on a​ sealed bin or​ a​ closed storage unit, you should be able to​ get a​ feel for​ the​ items that are inside .​
Remember, your goal is​ to​ resell those items for​ a​ profit .​
Always be on the​ lookout for​ valuables, items that are in​ need, and​ name brand products.

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