Mind Over Muscle

Mind Over Muscle

Embarking on a​ physical training program brings rewards that can be achieved by little else. Whether exercising to​ stay fit, feel good, or​ just to​ look terrific, you can add power to​ your efforts by employing the insights and techniques used by high-achievers to​ obtain that 'look' you've always dreamed of!

Before beginning your journey on the road to​ fitness you must realise that you are in​ total control and therefore should have a​ real desire to​ be fit. a​ wishy-washy approach to​ fitness, or​ anything else for that matter, usually ends in​ failure. it​ is​ therefore wise to​ keep yourself motivated.

By realising that the power of​ your decision adds much weight to​ the acquirement of​ any objective, you should fire yourself with enthusiasm for the task ahead.

The first and most important factor to​ employ is​ to​ release any past failures from your mind. Dwelling on past failures will only have an​ adverse affect on your current training.

If such thoughts occur ask yourself the question "why did I fail?" Perhaps you set your goals too high and they thus became unrealistic. or​ your time frame for achieving your goals was too short or​ too long. or​ perhaps you were just plain lazy! Whatever the reason look at​ it​ in​ an​ objective manner and learn from your mistakes. Do it​ differently this time.

A major problem that is​ constantly rearing its ugly head is​ lack of​ enthusiasm. Almost every keep-fit enthusiast suffers from this dreaded state at​ one time or​ another, from championship bodybuilders to​ first-time aerobics students. There is​ only one simple rule to​ follow when confronted with this negative state of​ mind - re-motivate yourself!

They key to​ this is​ being specific in​ your goals. Have a​ clear vision of​ what way you want to​ look and feel when you have achieved your objective. Cut and tape a​ picture of​ your head over a​ picture of​ your ideal body type if​ you must, but be clear in​ your own head where you are going and what you will achieve.

Also set smaller goals that easily show you have been making progress. Make note of​ your goal achievements. Write them down. Once you are feeling a​ lack of​ enthusiasm then look back at​ how far you have come.

Visualise your objective often or​ at​ least twice a​ day. Tell yourself that you are doing well and reward yourself when you reach a​ goal. This will increase your self-esteem and keep your motivation high.

If some negative situation arises don't look at​ it​ as​ a​ problem but view it​ as​ a​ challenge. as​ you overcome your own inner and outer obstacles you will have proved that you are a​ success. Success breeds success so review your progress and modify your goals to​ be more challenging.

The potential to​ achieve anything is​ within you. Whether the end result of​ your training efforts is​ success or​ failure it​ is​ your choice. Give 100% and you will receive 100%.

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