Military Dog Tags

Almost everyone has heard of​ dog tags at​ one time or​ another. Whether you​ have seen a​ teenager wearing dogs tags with their initials on​ it​ or​ actual dog tags which are worn by members of​ the​ armed forces,​ dogs tags are worn by many different kinds of​ people. Although they have become a​ part of​ mainstream fashion,​ true dog tags are much more than a​ simple piece of​ decorative jewelry. Military dog tags are worn by soldiers and other members of​ the​ armed forces as​ a​ means of​ identification. in​ the​ unfortunate event that a​ soldier is​ killed during combat,​ their military dog tags can be used to​ identify their body and inform the​ family of​ this extremely sad event. Although people living in​ regular conditions can be identified by a​ driver's license or​ similar form of​ identification in​ the​ case of​ a​ tragedy,​ these normal means of​ identification are not enough for soldiers because of​ the​ extraordinary circumstances they are living in. if​ a​ soldier kept an​ identification card in​ their wallet or​ pocket,​ it​ could easily be stolen or​ lost during combat. However,​ because military dog tags are worn under a​ soldier's uniform,​ the​ chances of​ a​ soldier losing or​ having them stolen are much less likely.

The military dogs tags which are issued by the​ government are made of​ stainless steel and have a​ dull finish. Military dog tags are made of​ stainless steel for obvious reasons (durability,​ resistance to​ scratching and weather exposure),​ and the​ dull finish is​ used to​ draw as​ little attention to​ the​ tags as​ possible. as​ you​ probably know,​ soldier's wear their military dog tags on​ a​ metal chain. Most of​ these chains are nickel plated and normally measure thirty to​ thirty-six inches in​ size. the​ necklaces are extremely secure and ensure that a​ soldier's tags stay with him at​ all times.

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