Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine headaches are described as​ being of​ a​ recurrent nature. They are characterized by certain symptoms that precede the​ actual onset of​ the​ headache. These are called prodromal symptoms and​ may include one or​ several typical symptoms in​ each patient. the​ prodromal symptoms include spots before the​ eyes, visual field defects, flashes of​ light, unusual sounds, irritability, depression, restlessness, and​ anorexia, to​ name a​ few. the​ symptoms may disappear when the​ headache begins or​ may merge with it. the​ symptoms usually follow the​ same pattern time after time for​ each patient, and​ become good indicators that a​ headache is​ on the​ way. Most of​ the​ time the​ headaches will be on the​ same side, but this is​ not an​ absolute rule. the​ patient may have attacks on a​ daily basis or​ they may occur once every few months.

Without treatment, the​ attacks may last for​ hours or​ days. it​ is​ not uncommon for​ the​ patient to​ experience nausea and​ vomiting and​ an​ aversion to​ light. Many people who suffer from migraines will tell you the​ only way to​ stop them is​ to​ remain in​ a​ dark room with a​ wet wash cloth over their eyes.

The cause of​ migraine headaches is​ unknown. Because of​ the​ various prodromal symptoms, most medical authorities believe that they are caused by a​ functional disturbance in​ the​ veins of​ the​ scalp and​ within the​ cranium. Many alternative health care practitioners believe that all diseases begin with a​ disturbance of​ the​ energy fields that surround the​ body. Because the​ body uses electrochemical impulses to​ transmit its messages throughout the​ body, it​ generates a​ magnetic field. in​ terms of​ what we normally experience with magnetism, the​ magnetic field of​ the​ body is​ weak. it​ is​ considered to​ be “biomagnetism,” and​ until recently it​ was not detected in​ scientific research. However, more modern instrumentation has allowed researchers to​ measure the​ weak electric fields generated in​ living systems.

The approach in​ energy healing is​ to​ consider the​ body of​ a​ living organism to​ be one complete whole. Unlike the​ “systems” approach where each system is​ studied as​ an​ independent unit (circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, etc.) the​ holistic approach is​ to​ consider the​ complete organism. When any part of​ the​ organism is​ not functioning properly, it​ affects the​ entire organism. for​ certain individuals, this results in​ a​ disturbance that results in​ the​ symptoms of​ a​ migraine headache. the​ prodromal symptoms are the​ body's early warning system. if​ the​ warnings are not headed, the​ cry for​ help becomes louder and​ louder until they become incapacitating. Balancing the​ energy on a​ routine basis has the​ potential to​ keep these symptoms from ever occurring. in​ my practice I found that many patients experienced fewer headaches, less severe headaches, and​ in​ some cases the​ headaches were eliminated altogether. Below are a​ few of​ the​ testimonials from some of​ the​ patients who received help with managing their migraine headaches. Some found that other problems they were experiencing were also relieved.

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